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    How are you, Ivygrl?



    Hi again,

    It’s Ivygrl.

    Sorry i went out for a long while @anita and @Helcat,

    I can only write on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays (unless it’s a school break or I have permission to write something). But now I’m doing ok. I want to be more grateful for my life. I’m doing my best to be more responsible now. Unfortunately, my babysitter from before will no longer be with me. But I still go to the library, though I can only go there for a few minutes to print out stuff and find books, when my mother has her permission, the time, and the chance to go there.

    -Do you have any good comic/webtoon ideas and prompts? Or what do you recommend? I’m planning to actually make and write down comics, because for some reason I’ve been distracted for too long.  So I’m trying to create time for comics, but also time to do other things, because not all comic artists can make good comics for 24 hours a day. I have school. And that’s why I’m trying to make up fiction stories and trying to get to non-fiction once I finish some stories.  I want that because i want to make a comic/graphic novel travelogue one day (to go to good South Korea places and good Taiwan places).

    – Well, to answer your question, I did notice that i’m not comfortable enough at school sometimes, and I do have to notice myself when i have constipation and when i feel a little/very sad or upset, from stuff from the Internet, as i usually am sometimes when I see someone more popular than me and i’m bored. I really want to do good things like them, but they got their talents when they are much older. I wish I could be like those comic author and animation Youtubers . I also want to read more and learn a new language. But thinking about them all at once and following up with those is not simple. I have lots of stuff to follow up with and i’m stressed out. How can i follow up with what I want and stay accountable and consistent with my wants and needs.

    -How do you read and annotate books properly without setting aside the book for too long and forgetting about them? And any books for someone like me to read?

    I hope you answer my questions, and I hope you have a nice day. After all, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Thank you, From, Ivygrl.


    Dear Ivygrl:

    Good to read that you are doing okay!

    You wrote: “I’m doing my best to be more responsible now. Unfortunately, my babysitter…” – time to no longer use the word babysitter, because you are not a baby. And becoming more responsible is not a baby’s task!

    Do you have any good comic/webtoon ideas and prompts? Or what do you recommend?” -no, I know nothing about that, but I hope that you get better and better at creating comics because that’s what you want to do.

    How can I follow up with what I want… I hope you answer my questions” – my best answers, I believe, are on page 1 of your thread. You can re-read page 1 while taking notes, let me know if you found the answers, and what the answers may be.

    I hope you have a nice day. After all, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you, From, Ivygrl” – You are welcome, Ivygrl, and thank you for your good wishes and for the encouragement!



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    Hi Ivygrl!

    Thank you for pinging me! It’s so good to hear that you are doing well. I’m sorry I lost track of your thread. Please feel free to do so again in the future, it goes straight to my e-mail.

    To answer your previous questions about self-care. It might involve sticking to a routine. Making sure you eat, drink, bathe, brush your teeth, sleep and exercise regularly.

    But you can get create with it. It might involve writing a journal, drawing or doing makeup. Anything you like or enjoy counts as practicing self-care. If you are having a difficult day it is very important to take extra care of yourself and treat yourself very kindly. This helps you recover from the difficulties.

    You mentioned being scared about writing in a journal. If you are scared about getting into trouble for writing something in your journal you don’t have to write exactly what happened. You could focus on your feelings and keep things vague so that no one is identified. This means that you would not include the content of the argument.

    E.g. I feel hurt. School was difficult. I had an argument today, it was really upsetting. I don’t think it was fair.

    You asked about how to stop punishing yourself and pushing yourself so hard. By treating yourself kindly and practicing self-care. People are able to do more when they are happy and relaxed. They have difficulty doing things when they are tired and stressed. Pay attention to how you feel. If you don’t feel great, you need to take care of yourself.

    Goals take time to achieve. You already have a busy life with school. Prioritising tasks is an important skill.

    It’s important and it needs to be done quickly.

    It’s important but doesn’t need to be done quickly.

    It needs to be done quickly but isn’t that important.

    It isn’t important and doesn’t need to be done quickly.

    The most important thing for drawing, writing or any skill is to practice. It’s okay to take breaks, but if you try to draw or write something once a week or once every two weeks, over time all the practice adds up.

    How to stay accountable for the things you’d like to learn and taking care of your needs? Prioritising tasks and activities might be helpful.

    Advice on how not to forget about books while studying. When studying it is suggested to take regular breaks. Everyone’s needs are different. Use a timer on your phone or a clock to figure out how long it takes for you to find it difficult to concentrate. For me, it’s about 40 mins. Next, try taking different lengths of breaks on different days. Somewhere between 5 mins and an hour is recommended. Figure out what is best for you. After your break, continue studying.

    If you manage your time and take breaks while studying then you are scheduling putting your book down and scheduling when to pick it up again. A bookmark to hold your position might be helpful if you don’t have one already. A set place where you put your books when you study might help remind you of where they are when you put them down.

    Good luck with everything! What are your favourite genres of book to read? I like horror, fantasy and science fiction.

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    Hey IvyGirl, I hope you are feeling better right now.

    For a long time, I have liked books written by a woman with autism named Temple Grandin.  There is a movie about her too starring Clare Danes.

    Temple says that people with autism generally “Think in Puctures”.  She does.  As well as writing about autism, she is a famous agricultural scientist.

    Temple is also amazing with animals and connects with them, understanding how they think better than mist people. Temple says this is because animals think in pictures too.

    I bet your drawings and cartoons are really good!


    There are many articles online about Temple Grandin including Wikipedia


    Hi guys, Thank you @HoneyBlossom for the recommendation , and thank you @Helcat for the advice.

    HoneyBlossom, you are right, and thanks for the compliment: I do love good cartoons and webtoons. Also I don’t usually draw full on artworks, so I still need some practice. I’m also at the library just now where I’m trying to make up a story for a comic I’m making up, and doing some studying on what I like to draw, what I want to do for comics, and my art style.

    And I’ll also read up on temple Grandin too. Fun Fact: one of my teachers actually seen (and probably knows) Temple Grandin at one point.

    Thanks for the messages,  I mean you guys are very nice, and maybe I can learn to be very nice too, and behave better. And as long as I stick to small things and finish things first, I can be much better to learn the hobbies and stuff I want to do. It doesn’t need to happen tomorrow, but you can start your training today if you have something good in mind.

    Btw, @Helcat , My favorite genres are comedy, fantasy, and creative fiction stories. I didn’t read much books lately actually, but i have a strong need to start reading a small book. The small book is called “The Willoughbys” by Lois Lowry, and maybe when I’m used to fiction, I can read some travelogue comics from Tuttle publishing (Evangeline Neo), and “Anne Frank’s diary: the graphic adaption” (graphic novel).

    I actually always wanted to travel to Japan, Spain, South Korea and Taiwan, and make a comic travelogue out of it. But for now, i’m a little busy, but I’ll do another reply later, if it’s alright with you.

    Thanks. From, Ivygrl.



    it’s Ivygrl again, sorry I was gone for a week. @Helcat, @HoneyBlossom, and @anita, and any other people I made a comic and thought about adding revisions to it. Does anyone want to help me with my story. I’ll appreciate it if you come and inside the google document link, and write comments, advice, and your email after the feedback and comment. I’m updating my comic almost every two weeks or so.

    here’s the link for my comic story plot, synopsis, and summary pitch below:


    I’m doing great.
    And I sure need some help with my comic. I would also appreciate it if you can give me ideas for more stories I want to make in the future, and for my story plot above.

    Thanks. From, Ivygrl.


    I LOVED IT – but I have to think out input.  You certainly are very creative and imaginative XXX


    Wow that’s a nice compliment , @HoneyBlossom, thank you very much. I wonder what would the other people in the forum think.
    What was the thought out input you have?

    from, Ivygrl.


    Hi Ivy,

    I’m sorry I am working all weekend but finish tomorrow.i just loved the funny names of your characters and the quirky plot.  It was fun!


    How are you going IvyGirl.  I don’t know that I could add anything more as I’m not really creative in the way you are.  I’m really impressed, and I think you should just keep going at it.  Do you go to cartooning and creative writing classes.

    I think you are onto something good. 😊😊😊

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    Dear Ivy:

    I noticed that you tagged my name yesterday (as well as other members’), wanting me to open the link you provided, but as a rule, I do not open links provided by members.

    I was surprised that you tagged me because you ignored the last post that I submitted to you, the one from March 3, ten days ago. It’s the third post on page 2 of your thread.



    Hi Ivy!

    I thought you fleshed out the characters well, they have very rich emotional backstories. I wondered if you identified with any of them?

    I can’t wait to see the storyboard and see the story unfold!

    Well done for you hard work on the plot, synopsis and summary. 👏

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