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    What are you grateful for today? 🙂

    Nina Sakura

    1) This lovely post
    2) Parents, siblings
    3) Boyfriend
    4) Few close friends
    5) A beautiful home
    6) My bookshelf
    7) Oppurtunities
    8) Simple things in life


    1.Being alive and healthy
    2.Being connected to all the lovely people around the world through this post
    3.Being blessed with a cute little,naughty daughter and a good family
    4.Having wonderful friends around
    5.Having a job
    6.Having read this post and writing here for the very first time


    Dear God, Thank you for my eyesight to see things and the world around.
    Thank you hands and fingers that I am able to type this.
    Thank you brain for your proper functioning otherwise I would have gone mad.
    Thank you laptop. If you were not there how would I have come to TinyBuddha to share & learn.
    Thank you internet connection. You are fast enough to make my life easy.
    Thank you debit card. If you were not there how would I have made online payments sitting at home.
    Thank you house. Where would I be without you.
    Thank you parents for being helpful, supportive and loving at all the times.
    Thank you shine123 for starting such a wonderful thread.

    Max Bye

    1) Having a job that I don’t dread going to
    2) Having such amazing friends, support and gf
    3) Being healthy and finally recovering from flu
    Thanks Shrine.


    1. Having a cat who I adore and who adores me
    2. Having positive, healthy friends who I can turn to for support
    3. Having parents, who despite causing me problems, love me very much and support me always
    4. Being able to taste and appreciate good healthy food
    5. Being more honest and self aware



    Today I’m grateful to understand about me more than yesterday.


    1. Finding this community and realizing how it has helped not just me but many people.
    2. Being able to live up to this day and witness the ever-growing world and everything in it.

    I love this thread. Keep it going guys.


    Even though I am currently out of work (again), today I am grateful for the work I did have over the past few months. I am grateful for the kick in the arse it gave me after a period of inactivity. I am grateful for the friends I made during this time as they told me that I should just go for my dreams of living off my art. I am grateful for the free time I have off now as I am currently planning to launch my own apparel line. Most important of all, I am grateful for coffee; without which I wouldn’t be able to function.


    this site, my family’s health and support, my boyfriend who keeps me laughing when i forget how, my cats and cosy home, the ability to go home and retreat/relax after dealing with other peoples needs all day, the ability to contact my family and friends anytime, my health and having my faculties, opportunity and support, my upbringing and the principles and morals my parents and ancestors gave me x


    I am grateful for today, and knowing I have a chance of yet a greater day tomorrow.

    We only get 1 life…make the most of it.


    I am grateful for having been able to wake up today because that means I have been given another chance to do things right and to do the right things.


    I am thankful today that I woke up and see my family around and have jobs. I am always thankful for the blessing that come along the way and more blessing.


    I’m grateful for my family and my pets and that our second tortoise is still going strong.


    I am grateful that I am learning how to relinquish control. It’s crazy hard but I know I should let life flow and take control. Learning my best to surrender.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 34 total)

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