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    Warren Cassell Jr

    Grateful for so many things! Too numerous to mention!


    Today I am grateful for:

    1 – My health and the freedom good health brings
    2 – The purring cuddles one of my sweet little cats gave me earlier
    3 – Finding and joining Tiny Buddah


    1. I’m grateful for spring! Very happy to see this winter go.
    2. I’m grateful for having loving, spiritual and supportive people in my life today.
    3. I’m grateful that I was able to come home to dinner already made, so I don’t have to cook tonight.


    1) Woke up snuggled with my boyfriend
    2) Being able to drive my car and help my mum out
    3) Discovering these forums!


    1. I’m grateful to be alive today!
    2. I’m grateful for a gorgeous day; the weather is absolutely beautiful in Toronto today.
    3. I’m grateful for the amazing people around me.


    Today I am BEYOND GRATEFUL for:

    1. My (almost) three year old goddaughter, who brings so much joy and many smiles to my day

    2. The opportunity I have to go back to school and finally finish my degree

    3. Thoughts that challenge what everyone else seems to just accept


    Today I am grateful..

    1) woke up in my lovely boyfriends arms
    2) Excited waiting for our moving in date! Such a big step for both myself and us as a couple
    3) Having dilemma of where to store new cookbooks and grinning as when we move I can buy a bigger bookshelf 🙂


    1. sun and rain this morning 🙂 ready to see a rainbow today..!
    2. there’s a safe place inside myself to go to even when things are difficult around me
    3. all the wonderful posts on tinybuddha, and all the wonderful people who visit and contribute their own thoughts 🙂


    How do I start a Forum Topic on Tiny Buddha?


    today i am grateful

    1. for a new friend
    2. for having loving and supportive people in my life
    3. for having love, receptiveness and understanding in all my interactions today


    1) In 5 days time I move house – a considerable step for me
    2) I will then be away from my room mate who is rude and inconsiderate of my feelings
    3) I made myself a perfect coffee in my new espresso machine this morning

    samir saha

    Today I’m grateful to Lori for creating such a wonderful website 🙂

    Lori Deschene

    Thank you so much! =)


    Not only just today but each and every day, I am GRATEFUL for:

    1) A quiet but happy mind that remains curious and can create ideas beyond my wildest dreams.

    2) The burning desire to make a difference in the lives of others, if just for a moment by my actions I can ease
    the pressure of their inner pain and replace it with a smile. Show forgiveness and look for reasons to do an
    unexpected good deed or speak a kind word with reckless abandonment.

    3) Acknowledge the fact that there are truly good things happening all around us, be able to embrace them and
    welcome them into my heart and life. The strength to confront all of my fears and accept my failures and grow
    from within.

    4) Always be willing to gain a piece of knowledge and use it. Never becoming completely satisified with what I was
    able to accomplish yesterday because today is a whole new day. Recognize my faith in God because he will
    never leave or forsake me. Always being proud of who I am as an individual and knowing that I AM ENOUGH
    and I can reach my dreams.


    I am grateful to be able to work from home today, and enjoy the sunny day.
    I am grateful to be able to do group exercise tonight because I’m not traveling for work.
    I ma grateful that I have one of my favorite types of healthy chicken meals in the refrigerator right now.

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