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    I met a girl who lives a little further away and we have had 5 or 6 really good dates, after the last date she stayed over at my house. We won’t see each other for a few weeks because of work etc but I am starting to get the feeling that she is losing interest. Messages are few and far between when before they were fairly constant.

    Should I just see how it pans out or actually try and ask her what is going on?



    Hey Tom,

    When you say you live a little further away from each other, what kind of distance are we talking about? I ask this because she may have some broad plans and distance may be affecting her negatively. I would most def get together with her, maybe lunch or dinner, and ask. I find that texting is a little one dimensional in that we really don’t see all the feelings that we should. So set up another awesome date and ask. If she says things that suggest going your own ways, accept them, let the relationship down gently, wish her well, stay in touch, and be forever grateful for the time you did spend. The longer this drags out the harder it gets.





    I think it is fine to ask her on a date dude, buuuuuut with women, I’m gonna give you a hard truth!! If they aren’t texting back on average within about 15 min, chances are they aren’t interested. Heck, women are GLUED to their phones bro. Don’t lie to yourself if the messages are few and far between. I’m sure she’s great and got everything, but you need to get mentally prepared just in case she’s not into you.

    I’m not gonna blow sunshine up your ass, I wish you the very very best in all seriousness. She could be busy if this has been only for the past few days. So that’s why CALLING around 8p.m. her time and asking for a date. Don’t text. Texting is dumb and it takes all the emotions out of it. Swing for the fences man, and if you strikeout, there will be another great gal later down the stretch.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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