Giveaway and Review: the 2-Year Anniversary of!

Update: The winners for this giveaway have already been chosen. They are:

It seems like just yesterday I wrote, “It’s a pretty exciting week in Tiny Buddha world,” before crafting a massive year-in-review post for the site’s first anniversary.

Yet here we are again, a full year later.

So much has happened in this year, but instead of creating a lengthy year-in-review list, I’m just going to recap the five biggest highlights, for the site and me personally. I’ll also provide a selection of posts from the year that you may enjoy reading if you’ve missed them. But first I’d like to thank you—every last one of you.

This site is what it is because of you. I am continually inspired, humbled, and flat-out blown away by the vulnerable, generous, insightful blog posts many of you submit. You really put yourself out there, and it changes people’s lives—more than you may realize.

For those readers who haven’t written for the site, you also make the site what it is. For your heartfelt comments, here and on Facebook; for your willingness to learn and grow; for being exactly who you are and bringing that light here, thank you.

Lastly, thank you all for your help in keeping Tiny Buddha up and running. Earlier this year when the site crashed, signaling it was time to get a dedicated server, many of you sent thoughtful emails and generous donations. I saved all of those emails, and I refer to them whenever I need a reminder that what I do makes a difference. There are no words to describe my gratitude for your kindness and support (well, except those ones).

The Giveaway

To celebrate the site’s 2-year anniversary, I’d like to offer 5 readers a free copy of my eBook, Tiny Buddha’s Handbook for Peace and Happiness.

This is a compilation of some of my most popular posts, including a few posts that you won’t find on the site. If you’ve already purchased a copy, you can enter to win a copy for a friend. I’ll be happy to send it to them instead! To enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post, including something you’re proud of from 2011 so far.
  2. Tweet: RT @tinybuddha Giveaway and Review: the 2-Year Anniversary of

Please note this is an electronic book, meaning you will receive a PDF file through email. If you don’t have a Twitter account, you can still enter by completing the first step.

You can enter until midnight, PST on Monday, September 12th. I will choose the winners using, and contact them on Tuesday, September 13th.

Top 5 Highlights from the 2nd year

1. Tiny Buddha, Simple Wisdom for Life’s Hardest Questions

Shortly after the 1-year anniversary, I started writing my first print book, Tiny Buddha, Simple Wisdom for Life’s Hardest Questions. Previously, I had asked a handful of difficult questions on the @tinybuddha Twitter page, including, “What’s the meaning of life?” “What does it take to be happy?” and “Why are relationships hard?”

Featuring nearly 200 of these responses and stories from own experiences, Tiny Buddha offers numerous perspectives and ideas for an empowered life, even in a world with so much uncertainty.

I’m thrilled to announce that Tiny Buddha is now available for pre-order on! It will be officially available through Conari Press, an imprint of Red Wheel/Weiser, just after the New Year. I look forward to planning some exciting events leading up to the launch!

2. The Tiny Buddha Quote Widget

Thanks to Michael from Pliable Press and Joshua Denney, designer extraordinaire, I launched the Tiny Buddha quote widget in February, 2011. This allows you to display the Tiny Buddha daily quote right on your WordPress blog.

3. Tiny Buddha’s Handbook for Peace and Happiness

Once again, with the help of Joshua Denney, I launched Tiny Buddha’s Handbook for Peace and Happiness, a compilation of my most popular blog posts, in March, 2011.

I’ve revised and improved the eBook numerous times since it first launched. If you purchased my eBook before August 8, 2011, and you’d like the most current version, please contact me at email(AT)tinybuddha(DOT)com, and I will be happy to send you one. Please include the email address you used to purchase the eBook so that I can look up your account.

4. Tiny Buddha, the Nokia Ovi App

Earlier this year, Nokia contacted me about creating a free app for their Ovi store. If you have a Nokia device, you can download that free app here.

5. The Intent Web Award for Spirituality

Last month, Tiny Buddha won the second annual Intent Web Award in the spirituality category. Many thanks to everyone who voted! If you haven’t visited before, I highly recommend checking it out.

Most Popular Posts from the Year

As of right now, there are 927 posts on the site, meaning there’s a lot you may have missed! Some of the highlights from this past year include:

Top Posts about Happiness

Top Posts about Mindfulness

Top Posts about Passion and Purpose

Top Posts about Self-Love

Top Posts about Friends

Top Posts about Relationships

Top Posts about Change

Top Posts about Peace of Mind

Top Posts about Letting Go

What’s Next

Going into the third year, you can expect to see a more social Tiny Buddha. I hope to announce some exciting new developments a little later this month!

In October, Tiny Buddha will feature a Sounds True book store—meaning you can purchase a wide selection of books on happiness, peace, and mindfulness right here from the site.

In January, Tiny Buddha, Simple Wisdom for Life’s Hardest Questions will officially be available for purchase.

But most importantly, Tiny Buddha will continue to be a place for community—a space where we all have the same authority and ability to share what we’ve learned and learn from each other.

Sending you much love and light!

Photo by Joshua Denney

About Lori Deschene

Lori Deschene is the founder of Tiny Buddha and Recreate Your Life Story, an online course that helps you let go of the past and live a life you love. Her latest bookTiny Buddha’s Gratitude Journal, which includes 15 coloring pages, is now available for purchase. For daily wisdom, follow Tiny Buddha on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram..

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  • Congrats on the 2 year anniversary of Tiny Buddha, Lori! 🙂 

  • Catherine

    Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary! I read a blog everyday to put a smile on my face. It is a great way to start the day and I carry it with me throughout.

    I am a 21 year old senior in college. So far this year I’ve dealt with the stress and anxiety of dealing with school, interning and life itself. I have gone down new avenues to calm myself and feel happiness. This year has opened my eyes to how fortunate I truly am. I have started the year out strong and plan of finishing it that way :).

    Thank you for all you Lori and other authors on this blog have done.

    All the best,

  • Ang

    It’s fantastic that you made it two years with the blog – many blogs don’t make it that long. I’m glad you have. 🙂

    This past year, I bit the bullet and went back to university (I started college right after high school but had to drop out due to some life situations that came up). Against the odds and the discomfort of being a 25-year-old university freshman in a sea of 18-year-olds, I held it together and walked out with a 3.99 GPA. There were so many rough patches that I’m extra proud of how well I’ve done. 🙂

  • Laurence

    Happy birthday ! I’m really happy to have discovered the pearls of wisdom that are on this website. This is one of the things I’m grateful in 2011, with: – I started as a blogger on – I started as a vegetarian – Stop smoking – Much more … Thank you, and be happy.

  • Brent

    Congrats on two years Lori. I remember following the blog shortly after it started thanks to a mutual acquaintance of ours, and I was very pleased with her recommendation. I’ve found many of the posts helpful not only to me but to others as well.

    As for my most proudest moment, it hasn’t happened yet. But this year I signed up for my first half marathon. I’ll be running it in December under the lights of the Vegas strip with some wonderful friends. 

  • Kenetha

     Congrats on the two year anniversary! I am proud of myself this year for quitting my “safe” job that was killing me to take a chance at creating the work of my dreams!

  • Btrfly516

    Congrats on 2 wonderful years!! I love coming to this site every morning, as it starts my day off on such a positive and happy note! 🙂

    What I am most proud of in 2011, so far, is the mother I have become. I have struggled with P.P. depression since my daughter was born. I knew I didn’t want to rely on prescription medication to feel better, so I turned to Buddhism and vitamins/supplements,a little over a year ago.
    There are no words to describe what those things have done for me. I will say though, that I am finally a happy, calm and proactive mother. I’ve learned to enjoy this journey, instead of fret over the future.
    Thank you Tiny Buddha, for being apart of my journey!! Xoxo


  • Lynn Zavaro

    I am grateful, thrilled, delighted to be a part of the Tiny Buddha community!!! Thank you Lori for this opportunity to stretch my wings and fly!  Thanks all, Lynn Zavaro

  • SarahElektra

    Many congrats on the 2-year anniversary.

    I am proud of the fact that I am caring for my mother during her 2-year battle with ALS/Lou Gehrig’s disease. It is heartbreaking and she is the final stages of the illness and yet, somehow, I can still make her smile and I can still smile her despite the ravages of her illness. Hospice has been a blessing, a help and an inspiration. I also take my inspiration from a multitude of other sources, including this site. We must all look for the blessings in life and death and every moment in between.

  • kasey

    I am proud that I am doing a better job of eliminating mental clutter, and I’m starting on improving my physical surroundings as well.

  • Great work, Lori! Thanks for all of your devoted energy to make TB such a success. This is a special community and I love being a part of it. Onward and upward!

  • Sooter

    I really enjoy the posts and it’s uncanny how timely so many of them are, each day.  Thanks and congratulations!

  • Sooter

    Oh – I’m proud of having ended a relationship and done the work to run a whole mile. By next spring, I will have “cleaned house” and will be able to run three!

  • Sam

    Congratulations on another year!  I am very happy to have finally taken the necessary steps to leave a big stable company and moved to a young, fast-moving start up.  I am now involved with my kids, since I cut my commute from 1 1/2 hours each way to a 15 minute walk.  It tough to break out from an easy routine, but I am much happier in all aspects of my life.  Thanks for the encourage through your posts and those of your members.

  • Jennifer

    There’s so much I’m proud of for 2011, but if I had to pick I would pick that I’m proud that I have started exercising regularily and getting my kids involved in it. I’m also proud of them for picking it up without a fuss and being so encouraging.

  • Juliana Marie

    Congratulations on the anniversary; I am grateful for the ongoing encouragement I get from the emails. I am proud that I am finding more and more things to celebrate about my “everyday life” and realizing not only do I not have to save the world, I am not supposed to! Thank you.

  • Congratulations on your second anniversary!

    So far for 2011, I’m proud of myself for finally realizing that it is OK to put myself first sometimes and I can open up and rely on others for support.

  • Betty W

    Congratulations! So far this year I’m proud of the steps I’ve taken to forgive others and myself, especially after an unexpected and particularly painful experience of being “dropped and blocked” by someone I thought was a close friend.

  • Evelyn Alvarez

    Happy Anniversary! Thank you for this site. You have helped me through several dark moments this year. I have mentioned you on my blogtalk show, The Ripeness, several times.

  • Congrats! I hope you will continue for many years to come! It’s amazing what an effect little quotes and words of wisdom has had on my life.
    This year, I am most proud of having the courage to fight past my anxiety, and to move to a different country to attend Graduate School. I never thought I’d be able to get my Masters Degree, but I was wrong! 🙂

  • chad

    happy birthday tiny little buddha – thanks for all the wisdom and spiritual guidance this past year : ) it has been a great guidance for me and our new non-profit sfsmiles and so happy that i could share with others : ) many happy smiles

  • I love what you do here. Have had many days where the Tiny Buddha posts liftd me up. Continued success to you!

  • Lynn

    Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary. Every time I read a post on the blog – i feel like it is something posted just for me…although you write far more eloquently…I feel like you are on the same page.

    I am proud of turning 40 and finding a peace and confidence that I have worked hard to achieve
    Thank you for your profound sharing here….it is read every day and so very appreciated.
    Many blessings in the years ahead,,,

  • Bluebuddha1961

    First, I would like to say Thank you. I get so much from reading your blog. It makes me think and feel. 2011 has been a tough year for my family and myself. I know that is the case for many of us. Major health issues for my wife and some major difficulty with my 15 year old son. I would have to say that I’m learning to be a better parent, I have had some major help, and I’m getting there. Taking each day one day, one hour and one moment at a time.


  • yourenvy

    Wow, time flies! I love reading Tiny Buddha daily on Twitter 🙂

    I achieved my goal of living in Italy this year (though brief) and it also had me realize my grad degree was not for me- thankfully, only 1 semester in. Now I’m persuing what I really wanted to do! 

  • Sheri

    Congrats, I am so glad you are here! I look forward to every email from you. Something I am proud of in the year 2011? Oh there are so many. I guess I am proud that I have been able to rearrange my work schedule to watch my little Grandson as much as possible because that is very important to me.

    Here’s to many more years!

  • Congratulations on completing another mindful and insightful trip around the sun! 

    This year I opened myself up to so many possibilities, and I’m proud to say that by silencing my inner critic and having faith and trust in my own creativity and the benevolence of the universe, I published a work of my art in a major magazine and had two one-woman shows of my art, one last April and the other hanging right now in a local cafe. I create art every day, even on the hectic days when work or other troubles compete for my attention. My creative activity feeds my spirit and the practice gives me time to pause and reset my clock.

    Thank you for another year of inspiration and best wishes for the year to come.

  • Sky

    All the best to you are you start your third year making a difference in people’s lives, like you did mine..
    My success this year and the last 14 years is in raising 4 fabulous kids as a single mom. They are wonderfully well adjusted, Eldest daughter got her MBA this spring, other daughter is in College and my twin 14 year olds just started high school… 

    And finally, I am truly happy and healed from my divorce.. in part, thanks to you. Now onward to finishing one of my novels.. and getting it published. All good things, Sky

  • Divyapathapati

    First of all, its very surprise to hear that 2nd anniversary is on the way nearly…thats indeed a great thing to hear and wholeheartedly want to wish you lori for the great work done by you….your blog has been the greatest reminder to me and frequent visitor as i definitely relieve from stress and discontentment..

  • Yay! Sending virtual cake, Lori, for you and the team (and for all your writers – plenty of virtual cake to go round!). I’m proud of having my articles published here this year, and of starting my company with my husband Kaspalita. Oh, and getting married! (better not leave that one out…) Here’s to another wonderful year…

  • Triciawyse

    Congratulations on your 2nd Anniversary. I try to read your blog as much as possible and I am using it to help me gain peace as my SIL & niece & nephews are staying with us and as you know, sometimes it gets a bit interesting…

  • Katherine Ditzler

    I love tiny Buddha. I’m a subscriber, so yay entering the give away!

  • Ariela

    Congratulations on bday number 2, tinybuddha! Your blogs are constant reminders to be a better me.

    My proudest 2011 moment happened just yesterday: I let go of the fear and insecurity that were holding me back and took a leap towards a new job, one that will allow me to grow and learn, although it means letting go of the financial stability I have at my current job, where I am no longer growing. It’s a risk, it’s scary, but I’m worth it.
    Thank you for the constant inspiration, I HEART TINYBUDDHA!

  • TMC

    Thank you for dedicating 2 years and more to this site! it truly is wonderful! 

    something i am proud of: Taking the dive and studying yoga philosophy and training to be a yoga teacher! And Tiny Buddha continues to help me along this path in more ways than you or i even know! 🙂 

  • Mari

    C-O-N-G-R-A-T-S on your 2 year Anniversary tiny buddha!!!! Your readings and quotes are inspirational and wonderfully helpful on my daily journeys in life! As 2011 is winding down, something I’m proud of for this year is the adaption of positivity in my life. I always knew that keeping a positive attitude was important but the full embrace of this very thought was executed this year. And with tiny buddha and other positive websites have helped me on a daily basis to keep mindful of my attitude and actions. Knowing these things and putting it into action makes a huge difference in one’s life. So thank you tiny buddha for your exceptional efforts to keep peace and happiness a continuous road to enlightenment 🙂 It’s greatly appreciated!!!

  • Katherine

    I just found your blog today, I could have reading this for 2 years! I have a lot of catching up to do! I really find your blog helpful for me to stay positive. It is not always easy to see the positive in all things, but that has been my goal for this year. I need all the inspiration I can get and your blog is a great tool for me to add to my collection. Congratulations on your 2 year anniversary.


  • Katherine Ditzler

    i almost forgot! I’m proud of birthing my baby girl under difficult circumstances back in March.

  • Congratulations on year two!  I always look forward to the beautiful email from tinybuddha … as well as the great content. 🙂

  • Angel

    Congrats on the Anniversary! I am non-traditional (30 years old, wife and first child in another city) law student in Houston Texas trying to juggle my studies, a job, and a distant family. My body can handle the demands that I place on it however it is my mind that sometimes needs some peace. I’m proud that I’ve been able to look within at what is stressing me and dealing with those issues instead of brushing them aside.

    TB has helped me view the world from a different perspective, a peaceful one, and share that with others. I have frequently offered your articles to my peers who are in need of peace, understanding, dealing with stressful situations, or need a guide on dealing with situations life has put them in. Thank you.

  • Carmenlagrega

    Wow..2 years you have impacted my life and have opened my mind to see the beauty that surrounds me, and have also taught me how to have a positive mindset that has only enhanced my life. When things around me have seem to feel as if it was all caving in on me, Tina Buddha has helped me back to see the truth.

    I have found that when you stay positive, the things around you start to have a positive impact. You have changed my life in ways I will not be able to full express, so a big thank you and Congratulations and I look forward to more wisdom that can only help me grow further.

    Best of luck to you and the future of Tiny Buddha


  • Ms Sherri Conrad

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE TinyBuddha!

    I am most proud of the fact I quit a job I hated and moved from Oregon to Arizona. It was a leap of faith and trust. It was a good solid decision. 

  • Congratulations on the 2-year milestone. When I came across tiny buddha, I couldn’t stop reading the articles! They definitely relate to a lot of issues I face and reflect the learning that I’ve gone through.
    2011 has been a fruitful year for me so far but the one thing that makes me truly happy is that I finally managed to let go of an anger that I’ve held for the past ten years. Though the incident has taken place and I cannot change it, I no longer feel anger and resentment when I talk about it. I’ve started to appreciate the lessons I learned from it. Since then I’ve moved forward and become more positive and peaceful.

  • Terrikeencoffman

    I receive my daily inspirations emailed from Tiny Buddah. What a wonderful website. You’ve brought me Hope when I thought there was none; Light when all I could see was dark; an Inspiration so that I could pass something good to others. I’m a Forever Fan!

  • lil ewok

    Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary!

    What I am proud of …so far… in 2011 is the life that my daughter and I have created in a new state.  She is a smart and talented 16 yr. old, who had to live through some adversity in her life, from moving first from one state, and then to leave her father and move to another.  Yet, she stands strong, is flourishing, and makes me proud every day!  She gives me the strength I need to move forward- and try to find where my journey is going next.


  • I can’t thank you enough for the insight and inspiration that I receive from this site! You and your contributors often spark a much needed new perspective in my outlook that has enhanced my life beyond what I can express in this little comment space. My proudest moment this year? Hhhmm that would be learning to trust that the universe is unfolding as it should, that pain and disappointment are not to be hidden away rather I should use them as vehicles to travel onward along the path of my life.

    Thank you for creating rest stops along my journey!


  • Cvecmanis


    My great friend sent me a link to this blog and it’s great!  

    I’m a new mom and my baby daughter is one of the greatest things I have ever done.  I love our new family and our future. 

    I keep breathing and remembering that I can’t change what is around me but how I react to it.

    Thank you and I look forward to another year of your beautiful wisdom.

  • Karen

    I look forward to your words of wisdom.

  • Laura

    Congratulations Lori! I hope you realize how important TB is. I’ve been a subscriber for over a year and you and your site are one of the most important resources in my evolution. Thank you for your offering and gift.

  • Keep on Keeping On

    I enjoy your great quotes, words of wisdom and thought.  I am grateful I quit smoking and have remained free of that horrible habit for 8 months.  It has been a year of trials, tribulations, adversity, stress and loss – still I have not smoked.   This gives me strength and courage – I enjoy your quotes and articles and have read them in my darkest hours.  Thanks for doing this!

  • I have finally, after years, started enjoying my friends more!  Not just that, but also learning about meditation and living in the present.  I’m still a work in progress but feeling happier.

  • Sarah

    Happy anniversary!!!
    In the last year I up and left my born and raised in city and moved to a completly different province. I made this choice and moved in a 2 week period (my head is still spinning). Somedays its tough, and somedays its great. Keeping it at a “one day at a time” level right now 🙂

    Love the blog, and would LOVE  a copy of your book! 😀

  • You have one of the best blogs!  I read it often.  Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary!


  • Thomas Voldset

    Congratulations with two years of non-stop inspirational words!
    I am proud that I took a chance on a job I wanted, but thought I could not manage. With positive thinking I have handled it all well.

  • Sarah Collins

    I am so grateful Tiny Buddha! You have become an important part of my daily life. Congratulations on two years’ work!

    Something I’m proud of for 2011: I finished graduate school and I got an incredible job in the field that I was studying. Graduate school is such a strange environment; everything in the present is obscured by some future goal. Now that I am done, I (somehow) reached that future, it has been an incredible time to reflect on how that future-forward mentality was stifling my everyday happiness, a time to shift my mental state to one that is more present. The goal is now. Living the best day today. 


  • Very exciting and VERY cool!!! Two years is a big deal and it’s been two years worth of inspiration, beautiful words and obviously, two years of expressing your open heart to the world. Thank you for all that you do.

    Sending BIG waves of Metta your way….and in all directions, to all beings.

  • Monia

    Happy “birthday”!!
    2011 has been a difficult year for me here – with quite a few things happening… what I’m proud of though is that I’ve managed to get trough it as well as possible and still be a good mum 🙂

  • LM

    Happy 2 years! And many more to come Tiny Buddha! I am so proud of the amount of hate and anger I have been able to flush out of my system. I have alot more work ahead of myself still, but I am so proud and happy.

  • Holly

    I can’t believe its only been 2 years! I feel like Tiny Buddha has been a part of my life much longer than that! I follow your page on Facebook and I’m looking forward to getting the e-mails now too!

    This year I made the conscious choice to battle my bipolar disorder by creating balance and peace in my life. I’m proud to say that I left my hectic retail job for a position with a structured schedule doing graphic design which I Love! I’m taking responsibly for my life and seeking peace and balance. I’m also proud that I found the courage recently to reach out to the Tiny Buddha community for guidance and the response was touching and gave me so much hope! So Much Gratitude for you all! Thank You!

    Looking forward to MANY more years of Tiny Buddha wisdom!

  • Nic

    Congrats on 2 years! Running a blog takes a lot of work, and making a blog as successful as this one requires even more. I have learned so much and grown just by reading the wisdom and honesty I’ve found here.

    In 2011 so far, I have a lot of things I’m proud of. I’ve quit smoking, begun therapy and planted the seeds for a lot of positive changes. I’ve also taken baby steps toward launching my freelance writing career!

  • A HUGE Congratulations!!  You’ve made such a difference to the world through your invaluable site and your Presence has clearly spread throughout the world.  Wow, that is Big.  I’m thrilled for you. 

    All the best in All your endeavors.

  • Kathryn

    congratulations!  you’ve built not only an inspirational site for the heart and mind, but one for the eyes as well. your site is beautiful in all ways.  thank you and i wish for many, many more years for tinybuddha!

  • Tammi

    I’m fairly new to Tiny Buddha, but it’s something that I look forward to seeing in my inbox every day. Thank you!

  • Christine

    It seems like everytime I have a problem tiny buddah pops up on my facebook with a relevant and extremely helpful post. Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    Lori, you are an amazing writer. Your blog is very uplifting and it connects. Congrats on having 2 years with this blog. Hope you continue the same run in coming years 🙂 good luck!

  • Congrats on two years! Now how do I get that tiny green buddha? I love it!!! I am most proud that I have stuck it out and am in my last year of PTA school, with three kids, and many sources of stress that could have brought me down along the way if I let them. Thank you foryour posts!

  • I subscribe on fb and twitter! 🙂

  • Rockstaryogi

    Congrats on year 2! I came across your site a couple of months ago and feel deeply in love. So far this year, I am most proud of taking the leap and starting my own business ( . I’m excited and terrified all in one 🙂

  • Todd

    Lori, congratulations on all your achievements. Your site and the articles on it (both from you and others) have been a huge help to me during a very difficult year.  Keep up the good work!


  • Hey, congrats on the two year mark! 🙂 I’m hoping for nothing but more success for you and your site! 2011 has been a pretty good year so far, and I’m very proud of the progress I’m making through life and positive changes I’m putting into place. I had a serious injury this year, one that many do not recover completely from, and I recovered marvelously and even way ahead of schedule! I’m very grateful and will continue to have a great year, I’m sure of it! 🙂 Thanks!

  • Gildafriedman

    I am most proud of the fact that I read Tiny Buddah everyday. Unlike so many other inspirational and self exploration sites I sudscribed to, I have consistently read Tiny. I mean I have truly read without my mind wandering as it tends to do with all the mind chatter about daily tasks and other silly things that really are not valuable . AND I am learning very slowly and gradually, all the lessons others have been trying to teach me for many, many yrs.Being good enough is OK, don’t expect to solve all the problems,complete all the projects,etc.What enlightenment for me finally. Somehow I listened and heard it when Tiny Buddha said it. Thank you

  • Dryalantha

    Whoooo congrats!!
    Keep up the inspiring work! 🙂

    Shared via @Dryalantha:twitter 

  • Mandy Wingard

    Congrats on two years!  I found out about your site via facebook and I love it!  I am so proud that I had a baby boy this May, and he has forever changed my life.  I did not know this kind of love before him, now I know that a mother’s love is like no other.  

  • Amanda

    Something I am proud of for 2011 is that I traveled to a surf camp in Costa Rica for one week by myself. I had never traveled alone or surfed before. It was the best experience of my life. I am so thankful to everyone who encouraged me to go and step out of my comfort zone.

    Congrats on your two year anniversary…. 🙂 you are truly inspiring.


  • chan7821

    Happy anniversary! 🙂

    I’ve done a lot of growing and learning in my quest for self-acceptance – Tiny Buddha has definitely helped!

  • GraceRunz

    I finally found a job that is perfect for me and was able to interview w/o sabotaging myself.

  • Hayley

    I love Tiny Buddha and look forward everyday to the postings!

    The one thing I am most proud of this year, is my slowly being able to let go of a lot of anger towards my son’s father…it has been arduous but has allowed me to let a lot more joy into my life, not having the anger take up so much space!

  • Tabitha04

    Congratulations on your anniversary. I love this site! I am thankful for (slowly) learning the ability to move on. This year has taught me so much that hard way and it’s nice to be able to move forward from all of that.

  • 2 years….That’s it?!  It feels like I have been inspired from your quotes for A LOT longer than that 🙂
    2011 has been a year of self discovery.  I traveled to Australia, New Zealand, & Fiji – then moved to NYC.  BEST YEAR of MY LIFE!!!

  • Heather

    Congratulations! I just found this site, and I’m excited to learn more!

  • Congrats on your second anniversary! I’ve loved all of the tiny buddha tweets. They perk me up each day. 2011 has been a year of ups and downs for me, but overall, it has been a very healing time. Surrounding myself with more positive energy and letting go of old self-doubts and limitations has been a great exercise. A friend recently shared the quote “Follow your joy to find your purpose,” and that continues to be my goal.

  • Colby

    Congrats on 2 years!  I enjoy Tiny Buddha, and love the positive impact it has on me every day.  There are many things I changed about my life in 2011, and am very proud of all these, but I realize that none of them would be possible without one thing – learning to change the way I think about things.  This past year, I truly learned that if I want changes in my life, and things to be better, it has to happen within me first.  The changes that I made internally, such as attitude, positivity and how I handle certain situations that arise in my life, all create how my external life will be.

    Changing the way I look at things has had such an incredible impact on my life this year.  I became a vegan and lost 15lbs; my hair and skin have never looked better.  I quit smoking, after having smoked for over 10 years; I now have more energy than ever, and save quite a bit of money!  I had the strength to find a place and move in 3 days, after finding out my apartment had mold and was making my boyfriend and I sick for months; we now have an apartment that is far better than anything we thought we would find with such limited time!  I gave up cable TV and now use the time I would normally watch television to read, write, go hiking, etc.  I fell in love with my soulmate, after waiting my entire life to meet him; I know, deep in my heart, that he is “the one”. Not only am I proud of these things, I am truly blessed.  I also realize they would have never happened if my heart and mind had not been open to seeing things differently.

    If you don’t look for the good in everything, you will miss out on a lot of great experiences in life.  Negative things happen to everyone; it is the mindset one has when dealing with them that decides the ultimate outcome.  Truly understanding this has made 2011 one of my best years yet, and that is what makes me proud of this year.

  • I look forward to TinyBuddha everyday: the daily quote and various other posts. In transitioning from college life to working life, I’ve found it to be an invaluable resource in helping me cultivate patience and mindfulness — a pursuit I’m pleased to report I’ve made some real progress with this past year. 

  • This year I am proud of keeping a consistent yoga practice.

  • Cindy

    Lori, congratulations and thank you to you and all your contributors for putting such wonderful energy into the blog and the world for the past 2 years.  I am a more recent reader but a fervent fan and I hope to one day be able to send you a worthy contribution of my own!
    I receive your email newsletter each Friday and it has become my lunchtime ritual.  I treat myself to the essays enclosed and find myself beginning again to breathe with consciousness. I take the ideas and the feeling of calm I find on Tiny Buddha with me and they usually last for the rest of the workday and make for a wonderful start to the weekend.
    There is such wisdom in the posts you present that Tiny Buddha has now become a go-to resource for me in times of need.  I can go to the site, search and always find writings that help me deal with the problem at hand.  This is a great gift.
    In 2011, happily, I have found a sense of peace and contentment that I have not known before. I extricated from the toxic part of a long term relationship, while managing to keep what was valuable from it. This fall will mark 2 years that I have been involved with ASCA, a support group for adults who experienced childhood abuse.  In that time I have gone from a member to a leader and at times am called upon by other members for counsel and guidance.  I often find myself referring them to ideas I have found discussed here, and I have recommended Tiny Buddha to many.  Next week when it is my turn to make a presentation (Topic: Moving Beyond Resentment), I will be handing out two of the posts I found most helpful while working on this for myself.
    I give Tiny Buddha much credit for the mindfulness, gratitude and patience that I have developed in 2011 as well as the hope that I can accomplish much more in my far from perfect life.
    I already bought the book you are giving away but I would be delighted to pass it on to a friend should I win it.
    I wish you continued success, peace and joy in all you do:) 

  • Annica

    There is always a new castle around the corner. Learn the lesson and move on. 😉 

  • Congratulations on another year! I enjoy tinybuddha daily & each day always brings something new that resonates deeply… I am proud to be creatively inspired! THANK YOU, Lori!

  • CW

    Congrats on 2 years and congrats on having such a positive impact on so many people.

     I just recently found this site and almost every day, the posts seem to be aimed directly at me. I’m looking forward to becoming a more well-balanced, positive person. 

  • Maria

    Not that I am long visiting and reading your website, but I already can see that it’s great. It gives so much fruit for though especially in these hectic lives we are living. It’s so nice to read your honest and soulful articles and thoughts after a hard day at work…
    Even though I cannot complain about my work, actually vice-versa I am very much proud of what I am doing. Yes, sometimes I feel frustrated and tired but it is so exciting and interesting what I am doing. Every day is so different and full of surprises because I work with people in a very changing and creative environment. But I can truly say that I like it and I am very happy and proud about it.
    Another thing, which I am actually very much proud about and which has actually happened to me exactly on the New Year of 2011 – I met my boyfriend and we are together for already more than half a year. Basically I have never been before in such a long relationship (due to my age I think it is really fine 🙂 ). But I am so happy that I have it and I am learning really a lot from this experience. I have never thought before that there is so much about taking care of another person and taking compromises. It is about giving love and receiving it. Everything is so different in this relationship and so new for me. I am so happy that this year brought me such a present. I could only dream of a better and more caring boyfriend. 🙂

  • Jdgreenex

    Congratulations! I only discovered Tiny Buddha a few short months ago but I have found it a huge inspiration. It’s strange how relevant every post seems to be to me personally and when I’m on Facebook and see a Tiny Buddha post I always end up stopping to read it and feeling calmer afterwards. It’s like a Tiny Time-out for me. thank you so much and keep up the great work.

    This year I’m proud of finally getting up the courage to go to a Zen Centre for the first time, not knowing what to expect, and for trying to put in place a space in my house and my life for meditation.

  • Czynski

    Congrats and Happy 2nd Birthday Tiny Buddha!

    I am most proud of my commitment to being a loving peaceful being:

    In July of 2011 I asked my ex-partner to meet me for lunch, she and I had not spoke or seen each other in a year and a half. I needed the space – as she hurt me deeply by betraying me and our relationship. When asking her to lunch I promised myself that this would be a space of healing – a space of letting go – of releasing my anger and pain towards her and getting much needed closure for myself. In the 2 and a half hour lunch we recounted the year and a half we had missed in each others lives – caught up on family and friends and went to some deep – painful places and shed our skins and released a lot there. Although there were many times during the discussion when biting words were sent in my direction I remained calm and peaceful stating my needs and stating my intent – not to argue but to gain peace and let go of the past negativity. Since that day – we have not spoke – but the weight of anger, resentment, and pain has been lifted and 2 short months later I have met someone new and am falling in love. By being brave and approaching pain with a loving peaceful heart I have healed wounds that I was unsure would ever heal.

  • Bailey D

    I really appreciate everyone in my life! New friends, old friends and family! My children are the light of my life…the BEST thing I ever did! 

  • Ayla

    I’m definitely proud of the fact that I’ve learned to let go of the small things…issues at work that used to upset me in a flash…I now put in perspective. Unfortunately, a horrible situation; living with my ill grandmother, taught me this and other lessons. There is so much we make into a “crisis” when in reality it’s not…when you’re dealing with life, death and aging on a daily basis,  you learn what’s important and what’s not. And there sure is a lot of things that aren’t important!

  • Sky

    Congratulations on your two year anniversary! 

    I absolutely love this site so much that I made it my homepage 🙂 Anyway, I think the proudest moment this year was sticking and fulfill goals. I usually set new years resolutions and I usually don’t fulfill them. This year was different; I actually completed goals and pushed myself. I also went through a big transformation. I grew up emotionally and spiritually and I’m extremely proud of that. Yes, I had to grow through some pain to achieve it, but this site helped me understand what I had do and how to go about it. This site is truly god sent. Thank you so much for taking the time to create this website. I don’t believe I would have gotten through my internal conflict without it. 

  • Tina Bishop

    I just want to say I love reading this blog.  I can always find some sort of tranquility for the day that relates to exactly what I’m going through.  I’m proud of myself for getting back up after life has knocked me down several times this year.  It would have been easier to lay down and give up, but I’m no quitter, and this blog helped me get through the rough points.  So thank you ^_^

  • Rongzan

    Often I’ve heard ‘Everyone deserves better’. But is it really necessary to seek for the best in everything you want? And do you really need them? Where should perseverance/passion end (before it becomes stubborness/obsession)? And when should contentment set in? These are questions I’ve been thinking about. Year 2011 thus far has been a journey of self discovery to find a better balance between perseverance and contentment. I wouldn’t say I’ve succeeded, but reading the many articles on Tiny Buddha has certainly helped me understand what I need. I have faith that I will get there soon. Keep up the great work on this inspirational and educational site!

  • lauragracebrown

    Hello Tiny Buddha!! thanks for being here for two years and this is my comment to win!!  Actually it is not really…I have too many books I’m currently reading as it is…this is a way to just dump my thoughts and a way to tell you that this was a blog I stumbled upon because I was looking through blogs for tinychoices and found tiny buddha which was so much more what I needed. 

    You see is a blog by a woman who I didn’t know at all, who lived at the time in Mexico, and who at that time was sleeping with my ex-boyfriend and was his new yoga teacher.  I cannot tell you how much I despised this woman I did not even know.

    Then I found you.

    And there was a post about letting go.  I started my own blog about relationships, letting go, and recovery!!  Now I am very psyched about this human who I despised though she had made a disparaging remark about Brooklynites and I have been holding that against her for a while, but I digress!

    My ex and I are friends again, though he is still in Mexico, I’m in VT, she is somewhere, but I have not met her and don’t really want to, though I do give her credit for reminding me about Vipassana meditation where I spent the most lovely and transformational 10 days of my life last summer!

    And I love the real life tiny buddhas now.  I saw them while shopping in Cambridge, MA recently and I bought the purple one.

    You’ll have to check out my blog now, I think!!  Laura Grace Brown on FB!!   may you be well!

  • Maria

    Thank you so much for all that you give us. My sister is having a tough year and I sent her some of your posts (and now she receives them via email like I do) and she says that reading your words daily has helped her get through the day!

    Things I’m proud of in 2011 so far: becoming a better friend and being more available to the people that need me; accepting who I am and actually liking who I am (most days anyway); getting rid of stuff around my house that doesn’t uplift or inspire me, or make me smile when I see it. Also, running two marathons and learning to sew my own clothes.

    I’m looking forward to many, many more years of Tiny Buddha. What would I do without my daily email from you?

  • Jessica Caruso

    I don’t know what I’d do without reading this daily! Helps me to get in the right mind frame to begin my day. Hope I win!

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations! May your new year be even better!

    For 2011, I am proud of my renewed passion for sleight-of-hand magic.

  • Miss_Adventure

    Best things about this year so far:
     I have forgiven myself for a mistake I made last year. It was bad, but I’ve learned from it.
     I no longer feel trapped here; I believe that I can move anywhere and thrive. I plan on moving out of the “Great Silicon Valley” within the next month because it’s not where I want to live.

  • Congrats on TinyBuddha’s 2nd anniversary, Lori! Your site is in my top-5 favorites to watch and read regularly.

    There are several things I’m proud of during 2011 so far. I’ll just name two. One, I began writing again after years of dry-spell, and I attribute that in a huge way to finding your site. Finally I’ve found a “genre” that’s in harmony with what goes on in my mind, with the kinds of things I want to express. I’m proud of my few articles you’ve published here. Two, I found the courage (again, largely because of my readings here) to step WAY out of my financial comfort zone and begin a huge project with my hubby — buying a boat. We spend so many happy hours working on it together, and it turns out that I can cope fine with having gone further into debt. Turns out that learning to say to myself “it’s only money” has been a real letting go. Turns out, the courage to step out of my comfort zone has expanded to many other aspects of my daily life.

    And hey, Lori, I’m proud of YOU and all you’re doing here!

  • Christel M. Meinhold

    I am so happy that I came across TinyBuddha – In my transformation with helping myself see my life in a different manner, TinyBuddha came in right at the right time.  You’ve become part of my every single day – I spend a lot of time sharing the blog with my Facebook community (a following of over 2000) of people that I have either learned a lot from or my dear dear friends. 

    Thank you for all that you have done in my life – I look forward to seeing what the future brings for TinyBuddha and all of us as we grow together! 🙂

  • Emily Davis Gareis

    Happy Birthday!  I use some of your posts as an end to my yoga classes (especially the ones that I can not use a “traditional om” to close.  In 2011 I am just grateful I have many more souls that I have touched through yoga… 

  • Kimberley

    Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary!  I rarely comment, but I do enjoy reading your blog very much.  I always take away something to think about.

    I wish you continued success Lori!

  • Tanya Niemi

    Firstly, congrats on your anniversary!!  Secondly, I want to give you a big cyber hug of thanks for all you do.  Whenever I need inspiration, you are there with ideas.  Whenever I’m on a little pity-trip, you are there to pick me up! 
    In 2011 my pride swells each moment I look at my little grandson.  He’ll be 1 year October 18th.  His mother and I haven’t always gotten along so well, but boy howdy did she create the most magnificent human being. I guess I’m pretty proud of her too.  🙂

  • Yvonne McIntyre

    I love Tiny Buddha… you have given me something to think about on many an occasion… thank you x

  • Brooke

    Congratulations on such an achievement!
    I’m proud of my weathering some big changes in 2011 with much more grace and ‘even-ness’ than I’ve ever been able to muster previously.

  • Estefania

    Congratulations on your second anniversary!!!!

     2011 is being an interisting year for me, I’ve been having anxiety and panic attacks for 3 years, unable to go out to street alone,  and last year, thanks to yoga, I discovered Buddhism and meditation, it has changed me. I still have to struggle with anxiety and fears but I have come back to work, after 2 years without being able to do it,  I’m not afraid of love anymore, I’m a happier person now than I was before, even before anxiety, I’m more optimistic, healthy, I’m a totally new person. I still can go outside all alone but I’m getting much better, now I can travel, work, do sport, walk my dogs, hang out, meditate, so many things! And the best is that I think this horrible thing called anxiety had to happened to me to discover this new philosophy and way of life, this gratitude way, beacuse, despite all, or maybe beacuse of all this I’m very very thanfkul.

    By the way, I’m @EstefiYogi:disqus on twitter 😉


  • K. Tucker

    congratulations! i’m most proud of myself for not only weathering a breakup that nearly broke me, but for coming out of it even stronger. i owe a lot for helping me through this year, and i’m grateful every day for the peace, wisdom, and strength that you deliver to my inbox.

  • Lori Blakey Welles

    Congratulations. Continued peace and energy. Grateful to push through one barrier at a time and seeing things change in front of me.

  • Kimberli Sebastian

    Congrats on your 2nd year anniversary. I am very glad to have found you many months ago, after moving into my “new” apartment 6 months ago!!! 😉 

    Well, I am proud of finally getting myself back. I was in a job that was destroying me in every way. I managed to finally escape the job as well as a very toxic place to live, with evil, destructive renters on both sides of me. I feared for my vehicle’s and my safety almost every day. I had tried to get out of there through a Short Sale, but the bank was highly unethical and selfish and turned it into a foreclosure. I am ok with that now as I needed to get out of there any way I could.

    Now free of both environments, I have been able to focus in regaining happiness and have realized that every situation, no matter how awful, does teach us something about life or ourselves.

    I have been able to take much better care of myself, learning how to let things go easier and am eating and exercising on a regular basis again, and not needing to drink alcohol to escape the absurdities of my life. 

    I am in a very happy place right now and am loving where I live. I promise myself that I will never let myself be that miserable again. It is most certainly not worth it. I am more aware now of things stressing me out and try to deal with them right away. I am still not perfect as it as I will probably always hate confrontation, but I have learned that if I don’t, it’ll be harder and more painful later, so better stop it before it hurts my happiness too much. I deserve to be happy!As does everyone else too!!!

    Thanks tinybuddha!!!

  • Laura Campbell

    Congrats on the Big 2…

    I’m proud that I found contentment and gratitude for myself.  In doing this, I was able to leave an abusive relationship and gain insight into being non-judgmental towards others.

    Happiness and Purpose have been found… I have a tight grip!

  • DalaLuz

    Congrats on the 2 years 🙂 Love reading your blog!

    I am proud of myself, because I am still here, still getting up again and again, and getting more and more at ease with falling as well. Reinventing myself in who I already am, and it’s pretty good!!/DalaLuz/status/112320886077538304

  • Stanford

    I can’t believe it’s been two years! 
    I’m proud to say that I came out as gay, and started the journey in further accepting myself. With the help of Tiny Buddha of course!

  • Candice

    Thank you for my daily reminder that I need to be mindful of every moment. This site has increased my practice of Buddhism.

  • Ashley

    It blows my mind that I have been reading Tiny Buddha for that long! For me, this year has proved as a changing point in my life. I decided to stop fueling my life with anxiety & self-loathing, I’ve gotten my diet & general health in check, & I am starting the path to quitting my dead-end job & moving on to bigger & better things. I just turned 23 & I am so happy with the direction my life is taking. When my father died suddenly 3 years ago it turned my life upside down & I didn’t even notice the gradual downward spiral my life was taking. I take such comfort knowing how proud my father would be to see me in such a magical place in my life right now!

  • Suzi Givens Bell

    The thing that I am proud of in 2011 is that I have learned to take life at a little slower pace.  It is a work in progress, but I am progressing, enjoying the scenery more, and just breathing.

  • David

    Your blog is simply the best. Thank you so much. I’m very proud of a lot of things from 2011. I finished my book, I helped family members through challenges, I learned a lot of new things. Thanks again.

  • Erin Lanahan

    All I have to say Lori is ….you ROCK!!!!!! Love you dearly and I am so inspired by everything you are, you’ve done, and that you continue to bless this world with. MWWWWWWWAH!

  • nancy

    Finding tinybuddha has been the best thing to happen to me in a very long time.  I have been searching for spiritual advice for many years and have finally found my community.  I have gained so much from all of the sharing and have started the process of letting go of the past, which is a huge step for me so I am proud of that.  Congratualtions Lori on your success and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • Nandita Muni

    I learned to drive a vehicle this year, at age 41, and I am very proud of it.

  • Melpomen

    Hi Lori! Thank you & congratulations on Tiny Buddha’s second anniversary 🙂 I am a new reader & subscriber but I have already found many useful insights & enlightenings tips. I wish I would remember them more often when sh*t happens LOL The thing I am the most grateful for when I get my daily shot of Tiny Buddha is that I realize THERE IS another way to do things & think = I am free & responsible to choose to react my old usual way or I can choose to be better 🙂 Thank you for that, thank you so much 🙂 

  • Happy Birthday Tiny (Green) Buddha 🙂
    Thanks so much for your posts. I’m in change mode at the moment which is great but sometimes I need a little reminder of why I’m doing this and your timely emails are always exactly what I need. It’s amazing how the topics are spot on, just when I need them…. there’s something in this synchronicity!
    Celebrate your incredible achievement. Trace x

  • Katie

    Congratulations on 2 years!  I love reading your articles, being ‘in touch’ on facebook, thank u!

    What am I most proud of in 2011?  Being a survivor.  Also so proud of having the Mum I had, who passed away earlier this year.

  • Katherine

    I get swept up in my hectic workweek, but am always grateful to receive each Friday’s newsletter from Tiny Buddha. For a few mindful minutes, I feel more grounded for having read both the thoughtful posts and subsequent comments.  I’m so happy to have found this site!

  • Jenny

    Congrats! I love the positive vibe and the practicality of stories in this site 🙂
    Hopefully you’ll continue to touch the life of many others in the coming years 🙂

    2011 has been a year of change for me, be it expected or unexpected… and I’m most grateful that I managed to get through it in positive way – learning how to accept and respond to it rather than forcing myself to make things go according to what I want 🙂 never know what silver lining and what doors are opened when the others are closed 🙂 sometimes not having what you want may be a gift as well…

  • Angie

    Congratulations on 2 years!!  I love “Tiny Buddha” and wish you great success in the future!  2011 has been very successful so far – I have launched my own business and I am continuing to become comfortable as a single mom of three – I am working on meditating each day & I am picking up my weekly practice of yoga & pilates – necessary for my sanity.  Thanks again for your wonderful posts!

  • Mindy I love that green buddha too! Let me know if you ever find out where to get it?

  • Hi there! You can find the green Buddha here: =)

  • Thanks Mindy! You can find the green Buddha on Amazon here:

  • Alli

    Congratulations! I have read so many beautiful articles from, and they have frequently come at the most *perfect* times.

    This year, I finally learned to start accepting myself from the inside; to acknowledge and face my feelings – my fears, my anger, my sadness, my loneliness, my anxieties and to let them go. Thanks to some soul searching, near disaster in my personal relationships, therapy, FINALLY committing to meditation practice and simply SLOWING DOWN, I have started down a road to becoming a person that I can truly be proud of, love and accept.

  • Laura

    Congrats on the 2 year anniversary!

  • Bill Bryant

    Congratulations on two years! I’m so glad you’re here. In this world today it is so hard to stay focused, it is great to get a email or twitter from you, that gives me just that little pick me up on needed to get through the day. Thank you for being.

  • Spencer Hall

    Congratulations on the milestone! 2011 has been a good year so far. After letting my anxiety disorder nearly ruin my 2010 (and my first semester of law school) I resolved to do something about it – without medication. I have made tremendous progress in the past 8 months, and TinyBuddha has been a huge part of that. Keep up the wonderful work! 

  • Pat H

    2011 – I am so grateful for this year, this day, this moment, while mindful of the sadness and pain of so many, including our innocent fellow creatures. 2011 represents the year I decided to retire (January 1-2012), quit smoking, and started my spiritual journey. I became acutely aware of how we live on this earth and I am well on my way to veganism. I will no longer be a part of the suffering inflicted as a result of factory farming. October 1 is world vegetarian day. This site is one of the many blessings in my life.

  • Mike

    It’s a great achievement to reach a 2nd birthday. I read a number of blogs and tweets, from spiritual thinkers and others, but what I most like about Tiny Buddha is that daily account and reminder of transformation of awareness into personal experience and action. So, in 2011, I’m more quickly finding out “what works” with the help of Tiny Buddha! 

  • Heather Nielsen

    Proud and humbled by 90 days of sobriety

  • Chris

    After 35 years, alcoholism finally took enough of a toll on my life and the lives of those around me that I had to end denial, face the beast, and get some help this past Spring.  At the time, I thought I went to rehab to save my job, only to realize in short order, I was also saving my life and my marriage.  Rehab helps a person dry out and attempts to provide him an awareness of the tools necessary to live a clean and sober life, rather than resort to the easy and destructive crutch of addiction. Once a person leaves the safe and supportive confines of rehab, though, the burden is on her to apply what she has learned and find a support system to aid that end.  Most support groups for alcoholics and addicts are spiritual in nature. Where I live, all of them are.  Not a believer in mainstream American manifestations of spirituality, and not much into spiritual practices of any sort, I found myself in a bit of a conundrum.  One of the lecturers in rehab said something that resonated with me, though, ” … the Buddhists say,  if you are pointed in the right direction, just keep walking.”  I could see 35 years of putting one foot in front of the other on the path to ruin and chaos had brought me there.  Surely putting one foot in front of the other on the path to peace and harmony would lead there as well.  This site and the message here has served as one of the beacons on the path to peace and harmony.  Thanks.

  • Congratulation for happy 2 years. The word “Buddha” is derived from Sanskrit word “Bodh” (means Gyan), thus Budhha is used to show the Gyani (Scholar), in spiritual world, Buddha is used to show respect towards the Enlightened person.

    Best wishes for your holy motive (to literate others about the true pleasure of life). Pls. accept my congratulations and greeting for

  • Hope

    Congratulations! I’m sure It must have been two wonderful years of your life 🙂
    This year i realised the positive energy that i am and the happiness i have stored in myself. I do not need to look around for happiness all that i need is within myself 🙂

  • Cam

    Congratulations on your two years! It is definitely something to be proud of, especially because you have helped so many people. There are two things i am proud of this year. I went through a very bad break upexactly a year ago, and fell into a heavy depression. Receiving your daily emails were what kept me going and helped me push through and connect with myself again. Your emails always seemed to relate to exactly what i was going through on that specific day and manage to turn it around. The second thing i am proud of which also has to do with tinybuddha is that i was faced with a big decision. Go to a job that ill hate but make a lot of money at, or follow my dreams and go to school for my passion which is music. Reading the posts about following your dreams and all the regrets made my choice an obvious one, so im glad to say that i not only auditioned for the best music school in this part of the country, but got in! 🙂 Thank you for being the wise, inspiring best friend i needed! Heres to another great year!

  • Jackie

    This is my favorite website and has helped me through so much of my life.
    In 2011 I’m proud of being able to deal with life in more healthy and appropriate ways, thank you tinybuddha! ♥

  • Ninaetc

    I’m most proud of going to a therapist and working through issues I’ve never shared with anyone and thought I’ve been over for years so that I can move forward not just think or talk about it.

  • Jennifer

    Thank you so much for creating this site.  It has helped me get through a really difficult time in my life.  2011 has been really hard for me because my live in fiance of 3 years decided to end our relationship.  I am most proud that I have been able to find the resilience to pick myself and find a deeper appreciation for life.  I am stronger than I thought!

  • congrats on 2 years! What a great site you have and helped me in many ways. This year I left a job after 10 years that made me really unhappy, even  though it meant stepping into a massive learning curve and taking a pay cut.

  • CatherineElise

    This year I am proud of myself for moving across the world to Chile for a year to try to love another part of the world and grow as a person.

  • Lori, and all writers of Tiny Buddha, I appreciate every word you have written so far and the words to come. I just realized 2011 is being a transition year for me. I can feel I’m growing as an artist and as a person, and things, step by step, are starting to happen. This year made me believe I can be good enough. And honestly Tiny Buddha has helped me go through tough things this year, and keeps helping me whenever I need.


  • Carmia

    Thanks for the lovely posts! They’re the perfect companion to my morning cup of tea 🙂

  • NML

    Happy Anniversary!

    I love this site, while I am not a “contributor” to the site, I do benefit greatly. Its my first bookmark and what I read to start my day.  You have excelled at doing an exemplary job at bringing together various styles of writing, opinion and breadth of content.  Truly a one stop shopping site for inspiration, courage, comfort and guidance.

     I have recommended your site to many since its full of so many nuggets.

    Wishing you continued success!!!!!

  • Aleks

    I am proud of myself for handling the stress of planning a wedding very well and making it a joyous time for everyone involved.  I am proud that I decided to take 2 classes on top of a full time job even though I really wanted to quit.  I just have to move slowly and enjoy! I am proud of a very good beginning to a new school year in inner city Chicago!

  • Ann

    Congratulations on another year! The quotes and daily subscriptions are my favorite part. They always seem to speak directly to what I need nourishment on for that day. Coincidence? I think not…

  • It has required much patience, but I may be closer to selling my house.

  • Sarah

    Congratulations on building a great site 🙂  I am proud that I took initiative to develop my first relationship and am working hard at intimacy.  

  • Liz R

    Congratulations!  Two years is a big achievement.  2011 has been a good year so far.  I am proud to have been writing consistently.  It has given me great pleasure and given me an outlet to express myself in this confusing moment I am in. 

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