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    Hi all,

    I’ve recently got the urge & higher guidance to disconnect from social media & other websites . Not only because they are triggering & remind me of someone but because I start to tug & pull for things rather than go the least resistance path. Social media Activates me negatively.

    Though it’s hard to disconnect, I must do it.

    has anyone else felt the need to go on a hiatus ? Like if people really cared or needed something they’d reach out…


    Hi Grenada:

    I had the same urge to disconnect from/cut out toxic relationships, alcohol, some parts of social media as well as TV (which I followed through with) and it was freeing to say the least. At first it felt empty, all of my feelings and negative emotions started to surface because I sort of took out a lot of vices that distracted me from addressing what was underneath. But afterwards, it became a lot easier. I started to discover amazing things about myself and I introduced new and uplifting things into my life. I’m still going through the journey and sometimes it is difficult but I feel a lot more patience and love towards myself, people in my life and even strangers.

    I had friends that reached out through my phone number (as opposed to social media) and I formed a new relationship with them. They knew the person I’ve become and appreciated me for it and I got to know them a lot more deeply.

    So, if you believe it is what you need to live a positive life then go for it!



    Hi Grenada,

    You have realized that social media activates you negatively and that is the main reason why you should be motivated to cut it out.  Replace it with more positive activities that you know make you feel good.  Socializing should be about meeting up with people in the flesh, connecting through hugs and smiles, not maintaining an electrical connection with all those “have beens” that need to be released.

    Go out, meet new people who energize you, engage with your nearest and dearest.  That’s what matters most.




    Dear Grenada.  I am a little surprised to see someone who helps out others a lot, asking for guidance. 🙂 However, I understand that everyone has their own issues and need to look outwards sometimes.

    First of all, let’s go to the core of the problem which is the social media reminding you of someone. Well, I don’t know who that someone is, but I went through this after my first breakup. I don’t know if it’s the best solution, but what I did was:

    1. I went off social media for about good 6 months.

    2. Did I feel withdrawal symptoms? Not of the social media as much, but of not being able to know the whereabouts of the person.

    3. I would login in a day or two, then weeks to check. And I slowly got over the urge.

    4. How? Not just by restraining myself, but also by getting busy in my first job where I was doing something related to what I was really passionate about. By being among people who were caring and loving.

    5. Most importantly, I gradually started to put away all the things that reminded me of him, both offline and online.

    6. I met a new person who gradually filled up that emptiness I had after this person went away.

    Secondly, social media can bring in a lot of anxiety and negativity if used too much and not used the right way.

    What can you do?

    1.The first step is what you have rightly decided- Go offline! We all need a break!

    2. There will be some withdrawal symptoms initially but hang on and it will be better with time

    3. Going off social media doesn’t mean stop being social. Talk to the ones who love you. Stay in touch with your friends. In fact it’s great time to give more time to such people and listen to their issues and help them out. Don’t just wait wondering those who need you would reach out. Sometimes, others need someone to reach out to them too.

    4. Engage yourself in some hobby or activity. It will not only keep you busy but will affect your brain positively by making you learn something each day and get better at it. You will be proud of yourself

    5. After some time, you may decide to be back. Sometime could mean as long as you wish. It could be a week, a month, an year!

    6. Social media although isn’t the best thing, it’s not that bad at all. After you decide to come back, limit the time and interval at which you use it.

    Here’s a list of social media hygiene you can try:

    – Mind the clock

    – Switch off the notifications. Check manually when you have to

    -Don’t use it immediately after waking up and just before sleeping. Spoils your morning and sleep.

    – Limit your interaction with people who make you feel positive

    – Unsubscribe from negative accounts. Unfriend people if needed

    – Post less. Don’t await likes and approvals. Social media is a world full of narcissism. The ones who really care are around you, not on the internet. You just have to see.

    Congratulations that you have decided to fight your anxiety and are bold enough to go off social media. Seeing your replies to others posts, I know that you are a very strong person and you shall work this all out.

    God bless you.




    Hi Grenada,

    Good for you!!

    The last time I decided to go off social media, I checked it “one last time”. Well, that was how I found out my friend’s son died as it was happening!!! If it weren’t for FB, I wouldn’t have been there for her for perhaps days later!! So, to me, social media is a necessary evil.

    I’m a lurker. I don’t post a lot, but am still in the know.

    The good news though, is people are using FB less and less. Soon people will be using, say, Instagram less and less. The problem will really take care of itself if you do nothing. They’ll move on to the next big thing.

    If you do go off social media, you will be confronted. Just say, “Oh, I’m not really on FB/Instagram/whatever anymore”.

    As for that person, you can Hide him/her maybe?

    Just Being Honest and Wish I Could Do It,



    I use social media, primarily Facebook, to stay in contact with people from my life experiences.  Most don’t much about me because I don’t post much a bout my personal life.  That works for me because I’m not interested in the personal lives of others.  I can detach at any moment.  If I disappeared form Facebook, I am certain few would notice.

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