How do you get better at painting canva's?

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    Because I want to get better at it.


    Inspiration is the key to painting. There needs to be a strong imagination coupled with recollecting similar visuals based on your real life memories. Can you think of any?




    Hi I loveshopping

    Sorry if it sounds trite but, “just do it”. Just  Paint, paint with out making self judgments. Experiment, take classes, be bold.

    If painting was like shopping what would it look like?


    In case you are using oil colors, then I can say that you only need a lot of time and practicing to become very good. Like with everything in life.

    Just relax and never tell yourself “Its not going to be good”. Never give up and try every day some hours! You can try to draw or paint others peoples paintings, almost all artists are doing it at the beginning. You can also check youtube videos about making art and sketchbooks, they are very useful.

    When I am painting, I feel that my hand and brain are connected. Try to make this connection and lead your hand with brain.


    I couldn’t agree more with, “….Inspiration is key.”

    I got into painting as a mental health tool. I never knew I could really paint. Three years later, I have some serious fun with it. I had to find what my passion was though. 🙂 Just keep at it. Find what inspires you.


    Here’s my passion – Nerdy, Geeky, Comics, Pop Culture, etc.


    Tea Quotes - Commissioned


    This is a fine piece of talent you have. Have you ever considered to storyboard a large canvas? Believe me or not, with the level of creativity I’m looking at, you need to expose yourself to having a canvas size that’s larger than a one piece filler. Also, delimit your color palette. Size of the canvas is a limiter in many ways, it reminds you of limitations. Break them and try finding out what you can do instead of planning for what you should get done. #wondersawaiting


    Awe, Thanks Bunny!!


    As a surrealist, teacher, writer, ceramist, illustrator, drawer, exhibiting artist and …..whatever else…. I can only say. …. Keep practicing it, just do it, and do it again.   I can’t remember the actual point where I became an artist.  Oh yes i can, when i picked up a brush…    But when was it that i actually allowed myself to call myself an artist?  That didn’t come for about 20 years later  I was self taught. Became a teacher of ceramics, then fine art. THEN went to university to ‘find out what i wanted to be when i grew up’ that’s when i gave up thinking I was ”missing“ something, and gave up University half way through.


    Keep doing it

    Keep loving it

    Blessings, Sal


    Bunny, not if you’re a surrealist 🙂

    There are no rules xo

    Gwen Nelson

    It’s interesting data.


    It’s interesting stuff.

    1. Prepare your canvas. …
    2. Set the mood with a tonal background color. …
    3. Set up your canvas and supplies. …
    4. Choose appropriate brushes. …
    5. Create an underpainting. …
    6. Adjust colors appropriately. …
    7. Experiment with a medium. …
    8. Have a safe space for your canvas to dry.
    Dorothy Ramey

    a lot of practice and youtube lessons helped me get better at painting canvas


    What kind of art do you like? Portraits? Landscapes? Abstract? You can find lots of videos on YouTube that will teach you some techniques. I suggest you do that. Or you might be able to take a class in your community. There are some things you really need to learn before you just jump in. Like layering; most paintings consist of layers of colors. Like: planning your composition. So – search and learn and then begin!

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