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    Hi 🙂

    1. I m very kind. Everytime I just smile. I love being positive.
    2. İf to be honest,İ just looking for other materials and cant remember how I found this page.
    3. Everything can make me laugh. If I want I can smile everytime. I depend on me.
    4. America or Japan. Dont know why,but I love this cities. But I want to say that,for eachone his or her native land is dear- Love u Azerbaijan <3
    5. About everything what about I havent got any information in this world. I like to know everything. İn other word to know everything is so interesting for me 🙂


    This sounds like a fun question to answer: 🙂

    1) Describe yourself in three sentences.

    Fun-loving, curious, understanding.

    2) How did you first come across Tiny Buddha?

    I think I was Googling a topic and it somehow brought me to this website. I started reading an article and was hooked after that.

    3) What makes you laugh?

    A lot of things….I’m a very easy audience. A lot of things make me laugh.

    4) If you had to show one place where you live to a tourist, where would it be?

    Gee, that’s a hard one. Depends on what I’m in the mood to show them and what the other person wants to see.

    5) What do you like to learn about?

    Lots of things…Human relationships, spirituality, how to become a better person, how to improve my life, and anything else that interests me.


    1. I’m a school student from England with big aspirations. I like to read and am interested in language. I consider myself a mindful person.
    2. I first came across this website through a link on Facebook. Unconventional, I know!
    3. Animals doing cute things. Dry, sarcastic humour (think Mock the Week)!
    4. I’d show them my local park. Reserved yet beautiful 🙂
    5. I like to learn about practically anything. Unless it’s a dissection of some sort. And I love learning German… I have hopes to learn a Scandinavian language one day!


    I’m currently a student attending Le Moyne College in Syrause, New York. I’m an English major with a concentration in Creative Writing working on my last semester. I first discovered this site through a google search when I was looking for some inspirational articles. I have a very sarcastic and twisted sense of humor, hehe. I’d have to show someone where I often go to for local concerts. I love to learn more about literary works, history, science and philosophy


    Here I go!

    Describe yourself in three sentences.
    -28 years young woman from India
    -Shy and reserved in nature
    -Likes to cook, remain indoors and lead a simple life.

    How did you first come across Tiny Buddha?
    -When I searched in Google ‘How to be happy being single’. It was the second website that came in results.

    What makes you laugh?
    -Comedy shows

    If you had to show one place where you live to a tourist, where would it be?

    What do you like to learn about?

    Kelly St Claire

    Hi, I am new here 🙂 Looks like a warm and welcoming place. Here are my answers.

    Describe yourself in three sentences: I’m a colorful person and I love to inspire others as well as learn from and be inspired by others. I have a gentle and kind manner and am pretty diplomatic. I am a major crystal enthusiast and a crystal healer and I am an intuitive healing coach as a vocation/career/calling.

    How did you first come across Tiny Buddha?:I came across Tiny Buddha through a link someone shared in Leoni Dawson’s forums.

    What makes you laugh?:So many things, I love to find humor and joy in the little things.

    If you had to show one place where you live to a tourist, where would it be?:Amsterdam.

    What do you like to learn about?: More about vibrational healing (I am always in learning mode) I also want to get back into Kung Fu. I also want to learn more about Photoshop so i can tweak my website myself.


    Hi and thanks for giving us the opportunity to get to know each other here.

    Describe yourself in 3 sentences:
    1. I am someone who is a seeker; a learner and to get in touch with my Higher Self, intuition, and heart.
    2. I am a practitioner of compassion, of self awareness, of mindfulness.
    3. I am trying to figure out how to move into my life’s work as a life coach from my day job as a technology project manager. http://www.markwillhelp.com.

    How did I come across Tiny Buddha?
    I saw a article posted by a Facebook friend.

    What makes me laugh?
    Irony and my children.

    If you had to show one place where I live to a tourist, where that would be?
    My place of residence, Portland, Oregon. I love this place! It is weird, friendly, laid back, beautiful, easy to get around, great food, and cultural.

    What would I like to learn more about?
    I would like to learn more about how to be a clairvoyant, energy healing (Accunect), and NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming).



    Hey everyone. I’m Brett. Recently just signed up and looking to be a part of a like-minded community. Frequenting tinybuddha for quite some time now, and always found good reads on here. Anyways:

    1. Describe yourself in three sentences.

    I am compassionate and caring. I am honest. I am determined and ambitious.

    2. How did you first come across Tiny Buddha?

    Reading insightful articles via google searches and having this site being the most common one that popped up all the time. Recently just shared an article on Facebook and began browsing through the community.

    3. What makes you laugh?

    Geek and nerd humour especially! Witty puns, lame jokes, all these things make me laugh in hysterics.

    4. If you had to show one place where you live to a tourist, where would it be?

    Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Great outdoors, amazing scenic parks, small, quaint communities up and down the island. An outdoor enthusiast would love it here.

    5. What do you like to learn about?

    I am very passionate about health, fitness, and wellness. I love to read material on bettering yourself whether it’s psychologically or physically, and I love learning and discovering all that there is to know about the human potential, knowing the knitty-gritty stuff on how the body works both psychologically and physically.


    Hi everybody,

    Thanks for the thread start! Will contribute….

    1. Describe myself in 3 sentences.
    I am a sensitive and emotional person. I love other languages and living in other cultural settings. As I find myself straddling the mid-20s, I hope that the struggles I’ve had (mainly produced by my own mind..) have not been in vain, and that I will emerge on the ‘other side’, knowing better who I am.

    2. How did I first learn about Tiny Buddha?
    A dear colleague/superior/friend. I confided in her about …well, everything, after she showed that she seemed to understand. And she sent me here!

    3. What makes me laugh?
    Self-deprecating with a good friend who knows me really well. When my dog tries to climb on top of me and be as heavy as possible…he’s a fat golden retriever. 😀

    4. Where would I take a tourist in my hometown and vicinity?
    The park by my house – it’s old growth, it’s on the Pacific, it smells like earth, it’s right next door to have lunch and tea! And Cypress Bowl lookout, to see the city, the sunset..

    5. What do I like to learn about?
    Right right now I am learning to make kombucha. Also, about nutrition and what vitamins do what for your body… I’ve been reading a good deal about maintaining positive outlook, mindfulness and living in a tech age rampant with low attention span and – ironically – disconnectedness. I’m reading a book called the Happiness Hypothesis, which basically surmises all the most popular and widely agreed upon concepts – East/West, ancient/contemporary – that guide are knowledge of self, how we interact with others. It’s a nice little survey book that can open channels to many new reads, if you are looking to expand your library….



    Hi Buddhist wife 😀
    i am only 20, I’m a baby here i believe.
    How did you first come across Tiny Buddha?
    _2 years a go, i was going through heart break… and by dealing with it, i went on google and searched for random things and i came a crossed this. Now i just got out from another unfortunate complicated relationship and i did the same thing, to stopping me from boredom and i started exploring this website and here i am. 🙂 Just joined, and I’m so glad that i did. People on here, are somewhat very spiritual, creative and also mature.
    What makes you laugh?
    _ I laugh a lot, and sometimes i laugh on silly things. But mainly animals, they brings me joy.
    If you had to show one place where you live to a tourist, where would it be?
    _ India would be my next visit, i want to live there for a little while.. I’m studying to be a yoga instructor soon and wants to know more about its roots, i also love India itself as… it is such a beautiful, free spirit country. Where yoga and meditation comes from with interesting religion and culture 🙂 I just can’t wait to explore 😀
    What do you like to learn about?
    _ Life, languages.. i don’t know, i wold tell you a never stopping list. I love learning new things. And it can be anything but for now, new languages sewing so i can make my own clothes and martial art to protect myself 😀

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