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    Buddhist Wife

    Hello Everyone,

    I have been posting on this forum a while now and there are usernames that come up again and again. I’d like to get to know a bit about the people behind the names!

    I thought I’d kick off with a few obvious and a few random questions!

    Describe yourself in three sentences.
    How did you first come across Tiny Buddha?
    What makes you laugh?
    If you had to show one place where you live to a tourist, where would it be?
    What do you like to learn about?


    1) I am kind. There is a smile on my face 80% of the time. The amount of empathy i have for living beings (trees, animals, humans, ETC) amazes me.
    2) I was in pain. Love of my life (or so i thought) left me 2 months ago very abruptly and it left me broken. I was trying to find something to give me a little bit of relief after days of crying, not sleeping and not eating. so i Googled “boyfriend left me. completely shattered” and TinyBuddha heart break blog came up. i have been hooked ever since
    3) Everything. Its hard for anyone to believe that i can ever be sad. i laugh a lot. sometimes its not real but i laugh because it makes everyone feel better. A smile can make anyone’s day. In a more commercial way, the AT & T kids commercials and Chelsea Lately.
    4) I live in the most beautiful city in the world…Chicago…its not just clean and beautiful, the people who live here are amazing.
    5) I want to learn to love myself. I am starting to get to know myself and its been a very pleasant experience. i would like to continue. I would also like to learn Spanish and maybe German, one day.


    1. I always try to do the right thing. I’m searching for peace. I’m extremely compassionate and forgiving…almost to a fault.
    2. I found Tiny Buddha when I was around my lowest part of my depression this summer. Some of the articles and some of things you guys told me helped me see things in a new light, so I stuck around.
    3. When I know I’ve done something right, when I know I’ve something meaningful and good
    4. I live in a small town in the state of Wyoming, but Billy the Kid, the famous outlaw, was tried in the courthouse here.
    5. How live life peacefully and serenely, and help others do the same.

    Buddhist Wife

    Thank you everyone for joining in.

    1. As my username suggests, I’m a Buddhist and I’m married with a young child. I live in the UK which I love. I like learning and doing new things.

    2. I can’t remember when or how I found Tiny Buddha!

    3. My husband makes me laugh and also sitcoms like Red Dwarf.

    4. I would show our historic buildings which are part of our textile heritage. I think mills are beautiful.

    5. Everything, but at the moment I am really into history.


    Wonderful idea BW!

    1. I’m an aspiring writer working a completely unrelated 9 to 5 job. I consider myself a feminist. I live on my own which is both a joy and a struggle.
    2. My mom discovered TB first and introduced me to it through her tweets!
    3. Nothing in the world makes me laugh harder than my brother’s ridiculous jokes.
    4. I live in Toronto, Canada. So my first choice would be to take a tourist up to the CN Tower for one heck of a spectacular view!
    5. Everything; I am constantly curious about the world around me! Currently I’m all about learning the ropes of how to live a financially secure life, I used to hate anything about money when I was a kid but now I love reading about budgeting and mortgages and so on.

    Alexey Sunly

    I can PLAY!

    1)Describe yourself in three sentences.

    How about just one word? AWESOME!

    2) How did you first come across Tiny Buddha?

    Excellent question… no idea!

    3) What makes you laugh?

    Me, myself and I, of course :p

    4) If you had to show one place where you live to a tourist, where would it be?

    I’d buy them a ticket and send them away to a much more interesting place like HAWAII!

    5)What do you like to learn about?

    Other people’s problems so I can help them to solve those 😉


    Hey Jade,

    Have you read the Wealthy Barber or the Wealthy Barber Returns? I loved them both!!!!


    1. I’m a pretty loyal friend. I love meeting new people. Sporty! I love to play sports!
    2. A website called TinyDevotions. Then i think stumble upon a few times.
    3. Practically everything! Little kids, my brother and my mom in particular.
    4. BC – there is so much to show, can’t just choose one! I love it there!!!!!
    5. EVERYTHING! I love to learn! If I had all the time in the world, I would take classes all the time!!!! Right now, I dream of moonlighting as a mechanic.

    Buddhist Wife

    Thank you everyone for joining in. I’m enjoying seeing your responses and hope to see more.


    Lucia, I haven’t yet but it is on my Wish List! I’m a huge fan of Gail Vaz-Oxlade and have a couple of her books, as well as the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad which I got as a gift.


    Ooooo – that glass floor in the CN Tower! It’s a few years since I went up there, but the warmth of total strangers encouraging each other to step out onto the glass was amazing – I held hands with someone I’d never seen before or since, so we could both be brave enough to do something we knew we’d remember.


    1. I am Judy Judy on pot; a keen intuition and sense of discernment,but relaxed. In order to keep things interesting, when i first date someone my first conversation with them entails me telling them to ask me three questions: one to make me think, one to make me laugh, and one to make me blush. Lastly, I’m not a vegetarian because I love meat, I’m a vegetarian because I hate plants.

    2. I love reading quotes. I’m pretty sure I found it on google searching for quotes on forgiveness.

    3. Oh man…go on YouTube and type in “Weird Girl Dancing”. Nuf said!!!

    4. If they were from here, I would take them to my favorite reservior and then my favorite raw place.

    5. I am working on learning mind reading and American sign language.

    Chris Hoffman

    An discontented, disgruntled spoiled half-young person who insists on running the conversation through a series of questions. A recovering catholic, who davels in amateur politics and sports while keeping an eye out for the discreet locations of back water fishing for big fish. I have been trained in computers and can make wings.

    Tiny B found me after a night at the haunted house where after engaging in conversation with the chicks there.

    What makes me laugh? When do we get to make wings? The grill must be pre-heated to 375. You gently turn the salt and pepper into the wings by hand, making sure they are fully covered. Then it is essential to cook in batches. Usually there are too many wings to fit on the grill at once, so when the first batch is done, you swap the done wings with the raw ones and start over. Rotate the wings over at 8 minutes time to ensure proper heating. Add a coating of bbq sauce, and patiently let them cook for another 8 minutes and your good to go.


    Being. HOw to fix it, clean it, and make it last. Language dynamics

    Chris Hoffman

    And reading about stamps

    Chris Hoffman

    did you ever wonder why if we really did land on the moon then why cant we see the lander with the hubble? Why is it that we text each other when we are right next to each other? Are you an inny or an outy?

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