How do I stop caring what others think?

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    Dear Lily:

    When you feel sad and have negative thoughts and yet, in the same post, you mention positive things happening in your life and stating that you “are making slow progress”, you are indeed making progress!

    Congratulations for making the progress at work and in class.

    Regarding the potential roommates: my feel, from the little that you shared, is that they want nothing more than a person to pay a share of the rent and demand nothing from them, not their time, for  one. All they need from you is your money.

    If I am correct, then the first person to write the check, gets the place. In that case, they will not be interested in a sit down of getting  to  know each other, as their goal is not social, but strictly monetary.

    I understand you feeling lonely, now that your best friend has a boyfriend.


Viewing 61 post (of 61 total)

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