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    hello again, you probably dont care, but i cant know that before i try, i feel so alone, i just finished 2 weeks of antidepressant, i could do more, i tried to suicide, so i stopped, the doctor think i should continue, but im so afraid of the side effects, i cant sleep nowadays because of antidepressant withdrawal, anxious all the time and i regret taking antidepressant, i could be wrong and they could benefit me, but i cant risk my life for little hope, not again, not alone, not without a purpose, i just want life to be back to normal, so i could sleep normal, feel normal, not this fake antidepressant feeling, sadly i asked the doctor if there is cbt in iraq, he said no, i just want to talk to somebody about my life, i try to make friends, im trying everyday, i just want this to over with so i get back to my normal life, it fits me

Viewing 106 post (of 106 total)

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