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    She needs a break.
    We all do
    From social media
    Do you get your sense of self, your validation from social media?
    I have but I try not to.
    I try not to be thrilled by a compliment or depressed by a criticism or dislike.
    I cant tell you who you are.
    You cant tell me who I am.
    We are all much more dynamic, more complex than that.
    Can you really know my situation?
    Partly yes but fully? No.
    our empathy helps but it can never fully solve or ease our problems.
    I believe we have to turn our problems over to God.
    God is the ultimate counsellor. The divine discerner. He can see through all our masks. He may not give us exactly what we want now but he will ultimately give us what we need in the long run.
    There endeth the lesson. 🙂

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    Its true about me reverting to catholicism

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    From your post Shipp, I can see you have insight and self-awareness already. Message boards are a good way to learn to monitor and express what is on your mind.
    If I look back at some of my posts even 12 months ago, I see that I am in a slightly different space now. I didn’t have all the answers then and still don’t. My current view is that Christianity is better for my mental state than Buddhism.But I have to avoid some of the negative perspectives on Hell and damnation, to really embrace it.

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    Have you changed your username annagramma?
    Don’t remember you?
    Nice of you to respond. Thanks

    I’m here for a short stay
    I wish and hope and pray
    That with words we can play
    I remember one Anita
    No one could defeat her
    She helped one and all
    When they had a fall
    Such was her analysis
    I could avoid dialysis!

    I reverted to Catholicism
    Guess that will here cause me ostracism
    haven’t found the whole truth yet
    and never will I bet
    feel the answer is Jesus
    he knows me better than I know him
    some times I think His message is grim
    He wants us to share his Cross
    I need to remember who’s boss
    His will be done
    And my will needs to be done
    Before I die.
    need to stop joking
    about the One who can save my butt
    from Hell

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    This thread title sounds more like a male fantasy than a complaint. 🙂

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    well connected as usual anita
    well connected, tied up and explained.
    you’ve nailed it yet again in my opinion
    anita you cant beat her again

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    This is a form of bullying I’ve noticed used by women in the workplace. They’ll use the softening up strategy followed by the knee in the groin. In this case, used by someone who has seniority so realistically speaking, they get away with it. Am I going to say to my female boss “hey stop harassing me” and then ask her for a reference when I leave the company? No. And they know that.They hold a lot of power. And the bosses above them will turn a blind eye unless some brave whistleblower exposes them and sacrifices their own future.

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    You make some valid points about the social networking. I agree that it encourages us to be superficial, portray a false self in order to be validated. But this is not our real selves. How do I know I am really being myself? When I don’t work so hard on how I appear to others. being ourselves may not get us the rewards of others’ worship but it will contribute to something less obvious, our integrity and self-respect.

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    good to hear from you too anita

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    I can relate to a lot of what you say arguseyed.
    I have change jobs and careers countless times. And I will always find something wrong with the job I am doing right now. My job currently doesn’t pay much. it is a concern as I approach retirement. But it is job that very much suits my temperament. In other words there are a lot of boxes ticked and only a few negatives. The question is, how important are the negatives? I’ll need more cash to get my car serviced soon. What shall I do? And so problems persist. My conclusion is, there is no perfect job. And the jobs that pay well, you are usually paying the price. Like the stress you are going through. I used to get stressed out as a teacher.Money and hols were great but my anxiety levels were through the roof. I’m too old for that **** anymore! 🙂
    I never had any kids. I wonder for some people, if they have kids, they put up with any crap to feed and shelter their family. It gives them a purpose to put up with the stress at work. So if you have a rich and rewarding private life, it gives you some relief from the pressures of work. Life makes more sense. For me, I need to enjoy my work because that is where a lot of my life meaning resides. Not all, but I think you know what I mean.
    I might be the only one recommending getting really drunk just once, so you can stop worrying about your work. Alcohol short term can help. Long term is a big no no.

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    Dear everyone
    Just want to say that I used to post here a lot and Anita would be one of the most genuine, authentic people I’ve met on the net. We may not agree on everything but can I just say, I am in awe of her attentiveness and willingness to see the good in all posters. And that includes myself. I’m not really an easy going person to be honest. Well, I thought I was but discovered that people can rub me the wrong way so easily. I can act like I’m the class clown and have no issues when in fact I have a lot of issues but you know what the main issue is? I am easily turned off someone’s personality. It is a sad admission, I know. I don’t have Anita’s ability to see the good in everyone. I have created a pattern in my life where I suspect other people are not nice. Then I will look for reasons to confirm my opinion. And of course I will find flaws. Anything you search for, you will find. Same as looking for the good. If you come from that perspective, you will surely find good.
    So that’s my advice to anyone reading this. Find the good in others. Even if it is challenging at times. There is enough suspicion and hatred in the world. Why add to it?
    Support Anita here. Support her, because she is an under-rated person, doing an under-rated job. Volunteer. No pay. Does Lori Deschene know this? Surely Anita should be on the pay-roll, Lori. Don’t you think?

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    Hi anita
    I’m working now and……. I have become a serious Christian ! Catholic. That news might annoy you perhaps I don’t know. Hope you are doing well Anita. You are still doing a gigantic job here I see!
    you cant beat her!

    jock jack

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    Hi Jack
    My name is Jock but it used to be Jack and I’m thinking of changing it to Jacque.

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    Praise the Buddha! Long live all sentient beings on this thread! Thanks anita! Your support has helped me so much!

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    Oh and so seriously speaking, my legacy will be:
    “Jock had a nice nature deep down but we didn’t often see it. He helped contribute to a happy small family with partner and dog. His was not a life of outstanding achievement but he was able to create a small ripple of love in his immediate environment, most of the time.”

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