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    i discovered that ex locked his facebook profile because he has posts from 2nd november and he hasn’t posted since then.
    I don’t know if i must feel happy or unhappy for this.

    first, i have to be happy because I’ll not seeing posts and updates for his life,so it will not effect my life.
    on the other hand,i used to to do this since last year,so, it’s unusual for me to stop it.
    i must be happy i know,guys!
    tell me sth …

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    i realized that if i talk good to my sister ,she responds the same way, i must say without argue.
    maybe i must calm down ,so,she can do the same.

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    i have huge problems……
    and all that because of my low self confidence.

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    hello bren,
    we all have little addictions,i have with salt in general,and specially junk,bread,and chips.
    in fact all these are not addictions,but habits which get stronger and stronger all these years.
    we used to eat them,we like these particular foods,and we called them addictions.
    one thing you must believe first,is that you CAN do it,you can stop eating sugar and that it’s easy
    if you take the decision to do it.
    emotuonal hunger comes instantly but real hunger has classifications,
    for example you think that you want to eat a bar of chocolate and this thought comes suddenly, and there are many why’s….
    maybe because your mind wants to slang.
    if you feel emotionally empty
    if you feel that you don’t managed your life well and you have plenty of things to do and they’re waiting for you
    if you had a divorce etc etc
    or simply if you created this urge/habit by yourself,many years ago,and this is now difficult to let go.
    you have to find the reasons that you eat chocolate emotionally and usually.
    cover up your insecurities or your fears or emotional emptiness, try to replace them with other good emotions or actions and not with sugar.
    because sugar except of can cause you health problems,can’t solve your problems.
    thanks,good luck.

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    Hello guys,
    today i combined 1) zenhabits by leo babauta reading, who is probably my saviour ,because everytime i feel bad this site makes me feel amazing. So i read the free book he has, the whole book,in my afternoon, then 2) i suggested to my mum to go for a walk,and we walked for an hour, 3) plus my sister haven’t meet me today ,i havent seen her a minute today,
    sooo my mood is awesome …i think that i will have sweet night,


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    she makes me feel so useless that i refuse to be kind with her.
    she made me feel bad again,today.

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    @Inky my budget doesn’t help me to move the house,but if i could i will do this.
    my parents never care,so I’m used to it.

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    thank god that my sister didn’t talk to me the last two days,so I’m very relaxed.
    it seems that she understood how much pain she offered me all these years,by our conversation.
    I’m okay,but i haven’t tested the tips you suggested to me guys,because she didn’t talk to me and she didnt came to the gym in wednesday and friday ( today) because of her knee pain.

    i wanted to say sth more,because i want to be happier and relaxed,i wanted to get motivated by you guys in running,if someone can help me ,it would be anything for me!
    of course if you need help or advice i can help too,as i can.

    i hope with exercise i can be more and more positive and try to avoid useless things like arguing with my sister.

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    @DeepThinker ,thanks to you,too.
    Yes, because of her jealousy, I’m a competitor inside her mind. i must say that she has a problem with competition,she sees almost everyone as competitors,even if the 12year old cousin who says that her favourite colour is green and mauve,and my sister hates her about this and says that the cousin copied that from her.
    my parents always seeing me as the tame (?) middle child who hasn’t opinion,and i know where my sister is each time. when my father asks me where my sister is,i get upset and say how i supposed to know?? i hate them but i will live this house in a few years and this gives me hope. i dont want others to believe that im the weak person etc, i know that i give this chance to see me this way,but its not true,im kind not weak.
    she is the opposite.she’s rude and demands everything she wants and me and my brother always watching the programms on the tv that she wanted to see. okay,today we are not the same as then,but we don’t different much. we became ass holes from nessecity,because of hers behaviour we couldnt stand and we wanted to take power.
    my parents ignore the problem,and every problem between us,they never take
    art,they have other subjects to take care of.
    the good thing when i was a child ,was that i was always the calm child and everytime we fought she was the responsible.haha
    i don’t know,maybe she wants to take revenge. :p

    yes i agree with this,by giving her the signals that this ehaviour annoys me,maybe shewill take lessons,but i don’t want the good for her. i am the good and i dont thnk that,after all she has done,she deserves it,no.
    i must try to not give feedback to her anger,but not give good feelings to her. she must search them alone, because i learned them by nobody.:-)

    yes i must start taking distance and find my own friends,as i have done,she will critisize me even in this,because she tells me that i never succeed in friends,always picking some indifferent and fulfil their needs,….i hate her.

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    @Inky ,thanks for your respond.
    This made me laugh for a few minutes,haha. These techniques used my cousin when we were kids and it was so annoying but we end up scoof at her.
    1) i think that technique helps you run away from nerves,but she will consider me as a child,who doesn’t want to hear. it’s tested.
    2) she critisizes mefor everything,so if i say the same always,she will say that I’m a weirdo or a retard.
    3) i think this is the best and its tested too. if i say *i dont know* she will say ,how you don’t know? are you kidding me ?
    and when i say *yes you’re right* she says shut up $%&#$% etc
    and this is the best way to avoid her bullshit commands or questions or will,but i cant do it anytime.
    if i don’t answer to a fight that she’s trying to create ,what could she say??

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    hi guys,thanks for answering.

    C C …i can’t be good with her because she’s mean to me and i just want to ignore her,i want to ignore her completely,for dxample if she speaks to me i would love to not give any answer,because our conversation leads to noise, madness and anxiety. i want to be relaxed ,and if i can say that,all day,or,the most time of the day.
    it seems that we don’t match,i don’t want to hear her.

    ..yes,we live at the same house,she’s downstairs most of the time fortunately,and i live upstairs.
    but we have same activities such gym,university,and same friends/family.
    i don’t want to give good feelings to her because of the bad feelings she makes me feel.
    i don’t think that she deserves good treat, i just want not to hear news from her. i dont care.
    i want people that love me and support me in my life and that shit wants me to be unhappy.
    i must stand in my own feet andignore her.i want to go on and improve my life my body my soul,but she’s ALREADY jealous of my whole process in my life. who wants your destroyment? your fucking family.okay,i cant leave the house,and i must be calm for my psychological problems(?)

    in reply to: Is forgiveness always a good thing? #67703

    I think that forgiveness it’s only for psychological calm.
    you forgive or not,this doesn’t have to do with other’s life or happiness.
    some people can forget,or ignore some facts and go on with their lives.
    i don’t agree with this because i think that we must better be clear with any person and don’t have problems,repressed feelings etc.
    unfortunately i have repressed feelings with some people,but I’ve tried to successfully ignore them,not because i have the chance to fix them,but because i hadn’t unfortunately.
    so,whatever you said is a fact,you wanted to tell it,so don’t take it back.
    whatever you told was your feelings that trying to defece your self. it’s not your fault at the first time,she was the explosive,you were the eruption.
    try to just ignore the past facts and feelings,do more good to yourself,and someday you’ll love you.
    that day you will understand that your actions were expected.
    and focus to yurself.everyone does that,ex doesnt matter,she’s a piece of shit in your life.if you’re feeling good with yourself,you’re succeed in the whole journey of life.
    good luck.

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    yes..this is the key
    thanks to all guys!!

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    hello guys,im here again cause i would like to say that im doing pretty good controlling my eating habits.
    im trying to eat as many salads i can,do exercise in the gym and generally ive decreased the un-healthy food and im thinking about my health more.
    im trying to avoid completely for example,french fries etc.
    every person can do that.
    i know that weight loss will be a slow process,but i dont care because weight loss isnt my first goal.
    my goal is to gain a bunch of healthy habits,be more conscious

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    in reply to: Relationship doubts #67355

    hello rose,
    your feelings are so okay,and expected.
    This guy definitely can’t give you emotional secure.
    What i understood about you,is that you’re insecure with yourself and it’s expected too , because you’re young and you don’t know yourself yet. You’ll have this ability when you’ll grow up ,(x) years later.
    I think that we choose the person we would like to be with, by the image we have for ourselves.
    For example,if you’re insecure you will not attract a person that believes in himself because you’ll be afraid of that strange emotion,which you don’t have ( and it’s okay because you will have confidence/ self secure when you learn yourself ).
    So, you must give a little bit more of care to yourself, build your self confidence, accept yourself a you can, and change what you don’t really like.
    Then, you will be able to avoid someone like him.
    Someone who has suicidal history in his family, who has depression etc or bipolar disorder.
    The emotions which will brings out, will be -avoid that person who can’t help himself so neither my life.
    I’ve passed sth like this,and it’s painful, but when you’ll find that you are valuable and respectable, non of these people can enter your life and destroy your emotions. Don’t let them be in your life. Try to search amongst the best.
    Take care, 🙂 🙂

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