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    Buddies!!! i found the key to exercising!!!!!!! Im full of positive energy!!! I am thankful i found a website
    and a person who truly helped me through this website.We didn’t communicate but i read his special articles about motivation!!

    Is in there –>”Life is meant to be enjoyed. Sure, I agree with this statement (as many of us would) but the problem is this is used to justify all kinds of crappy behavior. Might as well scarf down those Doritos and Twinkies, because hey, life is meant to be enjoyed, right? No. You can do without junk food and still enjoy life. You can exercise and enjoy it. You can give up pretty much anything and still enjoy life, if you learn to see almost any activity as enjoyable.”

    This thing changed my thoughts,I’m happy, i run a few kilometres in these two days,and I discovered from this that what i do is good for myself! Maybe one day i will stop complaining about everything!

    <3 your articles!!!

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    Thanks to all of you guys for replies and support!
    I think it’s something that I should do now..i don’t want to delay it anymore.
    somewhere i read ”if I can’t do it now, when should i do that? ”
    I think it’s time…

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    I think that he passes through tough times,so you’re his victim.He releases his argue or sadness into you,because he sees you as a threat.Probably he sees that you are calmer and he fights against it.
    Don’t lose yourself,i think he’s jealous…because you’re open minded,and he has nothing new,no interests..so he don’t want you to have either.

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    Hello,i feel you because i was in the same situation.All you have to do is to build self-confidence.
    When we are in a relationship we feel jealous of someone or that we’ll lose our partner (girl,boy )
    This comes from inside.No matter what he/she offers to us we feel insecure that maybe one day we’ll not be good enough
    for the person we love and he/she will abandon us.You need to feel happy inside you,make things that can make you feel better (when you feel insecure).
    Remember that when we feel that we may lose the person we love, he/she sees it, understands it.
    I don’t suggest you to hide your feelings ,but try to make good thoughts about yourself and not you’re not good enough..
    Unfortunately in my past relationship my ex understood that i was super insecure and jealous of his class-mate,friend,or ex.
    This is your hypothesis and it’s not his fault,neither yours anyway,but you have to do the job for yourself!
    Last tip is that nobody is nobody’s…so when you think abou it you may be more calm and secure..

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    in reply to: Feeling incredibly lonely since the end of a relationship #63882

    you’re not stuck! This feeling is in your mind and stops you from being happy (or finding a partner).Try to see things logically.You are here you live for the moment,do everything to make yourself feel happy.You are the most valuable thing you have.You must take care of yourself.
    There’s nothing wrong with you…When we’re in love we use to prettify PEOPLE and things,so when we get out of this situations,our walls break down.
    After a divorce we need to focus on ourselves because the strength we had we gave it all to the ex! our loved ones.
    but it’s time to give love to ourselves..we must be happy and lovable by us and no need of others to make us liked.
    Treat yourself good… the good feelings and the good thoughts will help you! That’s all…That is how we get out of difficult times.Think positive until you get the habit !!!

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    in reply to: Having trouble moving on from my last relationship. #63874

    @R Then it’s easier for you,but i tell you to delete your account ,you did that??
    Ok…there is no temptation to see her profile anymore.Put your pc in the wardrobe,hide it deep into the clothes :p
    Go out for a walk,run as fast as you can so you can forget all of your problems,go to the beach……
    your past hasn’t control in you.Think about it,past can’t be changed…and you don’t care,cause the present is now and you can do a lot of things,feel good,feel happy for what you have,your family your health your job,your friends..etc..
    I let the ex destroy me,i essence i let my thoughts destroy me….Ex can’t do nothing to make me unhappy.
    We make choices..everyday…make a good choice today..FEEL GOOD..do sth for your happiness..and do it it again tomorrow and the next day.
    Nobody can destroy us,our minds destroy us.
    Stop the bad thoughts.Actually, you can’t stop them BUT YOU CAN TURN THEM INTO GOOOOOD! 🙂

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    No,there’s no need to be stuck in the past!
    Stop taking meds because you don’t have any non-physical problem! You are just dealing with emotional hurt which is caused by a divorce.Things happen,sometimes we see them in a bad way and sometimes in a good way.Things happen for a reason, the reason is to make us stronger.You have to see it like this..it’s cliché but it’s true.We can’t control things to happen,but we can control our thoughts….He had/you had a reason at least for being apart.Everything is done,is done for you to learn how to live.Manage your life trying to be happy.Past is past,so don’t think about it.Create your present ,be here now.
    Don’t think that you have a problem,you’ve been ”mistreated” by yourself ! Always try to see the bright side..!
    Act ! Action can help you by feeling bad, do things that make u happy, go for a walk, run on the green, listen to happy music!
    Your life is in your hands! Don’t feel bad for anyone..

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    oh @R i feel the same…One year and my ex doesn’t care about me even all my thoughts are concetrated in him.
    The first two-three months I used to suffer,and a lot of time later.
    If you have any social media (facebook,twitter ) in which your ex has also account,delete it.
    I did it yesterday after one year and so! Everyday i used to visit his profile until i saw (two days ago) that he is happy and maybe he found another girlfriend.He is not the person I met back then in 2012. He cut his hair even though he’s metalhead, he has friends now even though he used to be all alone,miserable etc.
    What i’m trying to say is when you stuck at the past you have to take some decisions even if it’s hard.Try for the best ,there’s no time to lose,our life is small anyway!
    I don’t want to make you feel bad for the time you’ve lost thinking of her,but i feel the same and someone must motivate you to be in a hurry.Life won’t wait for you my friend (ozzy osbourne)
    Life is beautiful and we must finally live the best we can! No worries for anyone,it doesn’t worth it!!!

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    Hello Tony,
    I think there is not emotional manipulative person…..We create our relationships and we can control them , to be the victim or the culprit !
    It’s how you can see yourself in ANY occasion.For example if you think you are a victim,you are. If not,then you are not.
    It’s always about how you see yourself,and how much self-confidence you have.To be more self-confident surround yourself by good people.Good people will help you feel okay about yourself.This is one step to find happiness,there are many of them.
    Τreat yourself like you worth the best…And you are worthy.See yourself like a king and all the bad feelings about YOU ,will disappear.

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    chelsea Bad feelings=Bad life.
    Try not to feel bad in any time.
    Do something that makes you happy.If you think that sth holds back your happiness stop it now.
    Whenever you feel bad ,try to find what makes you unhappy,and stop doing it.
    For example other people.If someone makes you feel bad,get rid of him.
    If something doesn’t help you grow don’t do it.THeseare practical ways,and sometimes we must stop doing sth
    than doing sth.
    Have a nice day.

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    These people are trying to hurt you.My family does the same thing,my brother and my sister tell me what I am and what I am not!
    Yes,stop talking to him for a while.Stop react to his beliefs,ignore him,do sth you like and forget about him.Pretend that he is not at home and don’t talk to him.If he’ll talk to you,respond peacefully.He will try to make you angry but don’t respond in this occasion.
    My brother and sister ,today,when i was thinking about talking to them,they argued with me and so I get out of there.We haven’t talked since then.Never mind…i’m in peaceful mind right now.Who cares….
    Do the same.Don’t feed the arguement or the negativity (they have).They don’t have control over you.

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    Being happy alone is a bliss.
    Thoughts can lead us or destroy us,…….if you have good thoughts there’s nothing to be afraid of.
    Be kind with yourself!! IS the key.

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    in reply to: How did you do it? #63821

    Hello, the best think to do is be far away from social networking..facebook etc It’s a practical way and i did it today,after one year of suffering i decided that this is the best think to do.Build up your life without worrying about nobody!
    Think about your goals, your life and don’t give time to your mind to think about a person WHOEVER is this.Nobody can steal your happiness.Nobody.Don’t let them.Get rid of these people.
    If someone makes you feel bad,get rid of him.It doesnt matter who he/she is.

    Have a great day.

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    Hello people! I’m home again,i was on vacation for the last one week and yesterday i came back home.
    I saw things at his facebook profile which made me sad,a lot of different emotions that made me unhappy.
    Today i deleted all my accounts on the internet,except here and my main e-mail.I deleted facebook,google plus-youtube,
    i also had an account to a forum in which my ex has also account (but he don’t know that i also have) i didn’t delete it cause i don’t log in to this.And never mind…
    I hope that this is the big step for my to find happiness.All that stuff,….internet,TV, make me feel anxious,bad for myself etc.
    For example TV always make me feel anxious about my life,make my problems bigger, I don’t also like the lifestyle that passes through my life. Internet especially facebook make feel jealous of what other’s people lifes are, (and i know there’s nothing special in other’s people lifes that mine doesn’t have)
    On youtube i usually watch beauty gurus and stuff, especially ‘how to make this look appropriate for night, makeup ,hair, and all these things.Finally youtube doesn’t give me advices or tricks or how to’s,because many youtubers nowdays want to ‘sell’ products or show what they bought (makeup hauls..etc) and this is not the essence of what youtube can teach me.It’s useless for me because everytime i see a beauty video I want to buy all of these products i don’t need and this make me materialistic..I don’t need all these to make me happy.Happiness is inside,and today i see people who chase money.I don’t want to be like this.I want to be happy with little things in my life.Ok,makeup ,do make me feel good about myself but if there isn’t self-confidence without it,it’s a problem.
    Anyways,for these big reasons (for me) I deleted all that stuff.I’m a little bit afraid of dissafection,being alone,cause all my friends are in there,but i don’t want to live in this world.I think that facebook is inauthentic,false,dishonest!
    People pretend everyday that they’re another person in order to be liked.I want authenticity in my life and internet destroyed me,i found and false person (ex) on the net etc etc.
    All i want is to focus in my studies,reading all kinds of books each day even if they don’t have to do with my future job.
    Im impatient for the best things to come, but i don’t mind ,i want to live this way!
    Τhe reason behind this , is that today me & my family (brother and sister) have had an argue and they told me that i’m duplicitous,bad,that I judge everyone behind their backs etc etc.I refused all these but I don’t want them to influence my life.I prefer not to talk to them for a time.maybe 2 or three weeks ,i don’t know, but they make me feel bad and maybe every conversation leads to an argue!!!

    Thanks for reading .Best wishes.

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    NO,of course not, cause forgiveness and happiness are these things that need courage patience and time 🙂
    It’s not unusual,it’s the way you see it, if you see things positively or negatively.
    Give time to yourself but not much.If you see that you can’t overcome it and time runs out then you have to take serious decisions.For example my ex broke up with me one year ago and we had 10months relationship.I still stuggle with it.I’m better than a year ago but i’m still suffering.Although i know that the day, in which i could be free, will come.Be positive.

    2nd subject: I think that we can be happy without other people but we can be happier with them 🙂

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