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    I’m referring to depressive part of metal,not all the metal songs in the world.
    metal can make your problems and your life and your situation even worse,when you’re already in a sad situation …
    Do this test in your own mind, it’s simple, try to listen to depressive music only,for one week and see how you doing with your life,your conversation with others,and your point of view with many subjects in your daily routine. How you can handle them? I suppose not so good, by contrast , like a day without depressive music.
    This is my opinion,guys,we all have one,it’s okay if I’m not acceptable. Thanks.

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    six years now I’m listening to metal music. I’m now 21 ….(in a few days)
    YES metal brings depression UNFORTUNATELY…
    and the bad beliefs that every metalhead has (i had them,too) it’s that metal is a saviour in our problems.
    No, problems are the reason that we like this kind of music,mentally we want to listen to sth that matches our lives,and if we have depression, metal is the music that fits. I love metal music,but i discovered from personal experiences that metal gives to my problems more strength.
    I can’t be productive and my own saviour when I’m sad ,and i listen to this music and these lyrics to be more sad.
    I used to do this for many years,so,my own story starts from my teen ages,when my father didn’t want to accept me (same now) ,and my uncle died 5 years ago,then my grandfather died and all this time i was listening to this music.
    I love metal but it’s not for me. I want to be happy, i want to be calm,healthy,optimist etc
    metal can’t help you,this is a wrong belief that many people have.
    see with your own eyes,people who listen to metal have AT LEAST depression.
    my ex has psychosis,illusions and he’s taking drugs.
    I stopped listening to music in general and I’m pretty happier now. The reason behind this ,is that i wanted to forget about my ex and not be part of social media. So,without pc i can’t listen to music. I’m pretty good and i suggest you to do the same.
    Although, i miss metal music,but it’s not good for my health.

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    When I admit that I’m doing wrong I have no qualms but instead I feel that i have a problem ( maybe mental or emotional, i don’t know)!
    So,it’s an unending road.
    I feel bad in both way of thinking,even if i admit my fault and i want to fix that, or when i think it’s okay to do the wrong.

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    Sandy,I’m suffering by the same problem. If someone wants to have a conversation about this,tell me!

    in reply to: Wishing others love and happiness – can it be learned? #67325

    not all the people want others to be happy and healthy,not for all of them and not always.
    You don’t need to believe that this happens to someone and he wishes the best for others.We are human and we all have faults,imperfections, we have interests. (all of us,but in a different way)
    So, yes you can learn how and when you want to give best wishes to others. It’s when you love yourself.
    Let me explain. When you love yourself,you love others,and when you love others and you care about them,you have compassion.
    You don’t want others to be in pain. It’s simple and true. As you want the good for yourself and you wish to be happy and healthy and be okay,so you want it for others,too. You don’t need to wish the best for all the people you meet, the meaning hides behind this: don’t let other’s imperfections (disaffection,disappointment,evil,etc) ruin your world or effect your life.

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    many people have not felt love because theyre afraid of this feeling and they remove it from taking part in their lives …consciously they say that they don’t want to feel connection with others such as affection etc..(I’m that kind of person because of personal esperiences in my childhood with my father)
    that’s why many people are disappointed from love in general.
    experiences are very important in the circle of our lives , that’s why we protect younger people from bad relationships etc.(overprotection)
    But,besides this,we can control our thoughts,beliefs and emotions by thinking that life is multiple gift and we have a lot of chances.
    Probably you’re afraid of this feeling,and maybe you had bad experiences one time in your life,we almost all have.
    The thing you must do is open your heart to the world,try to accept different kinds of people ,trust and take risks.
    This,maybe can make you feel uncomfortable at the beginning but I think it’s the only way.
    We make the world,we are the members and we must change the whole picture of this,trying to see trust as a good thing andsee other people as good as we are and not being afraid or generalize people.
    Many people die unhappily, they didn’t want to feel love or they were disappointed in their whole lives.
    This is unfair,we are people and we must be with others,feel these emotions extremely.
    A person can’t live happily without love and compassion and affection.
    We care about others but sometimes we don’t want to admit it because of the cruel world,so we must give and give and give love.each day.
    So this feeling can make your life better,and make you feel happy.
    Give love to someone you care about. Love is giving protection, and your heart, all your emotions and your powers to help your love. This is unlimited love and is very poisonous if you want to give all you have. But it’s worth it.
    If you didn’t felt this way once at leastin your live,you must feel it.
    The pain after this is so real but this means you have strong emotions and
    humanity in your soul.
    Practically,we can’t live without others we can’t live without love and we cant live without pain.
    p.s. it’s not habit this painful feeling you are trying to remove from your life, it’s your beliefs.( emotions,way of thinking)

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    thanks guys…..
    i go to the gym and we do pilates or sometimes yogilates….
    i dont know when yoga-lessons will statr but im so excited from now,i want to be part of this.
    and about the diet i try to give my best eating healthy and decreasing the amount of food…

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    Hi big blue.
    I took a decision for my life.
    Staying away from things that dont make me feel happy.
    But i cant say that i won this.

    in reply to: Ex problem.. #64122

    definitely show your feelings too and be happy again.
    this time,wisely.

    in reply to: How to motivate myself? #64116

    I hate myself now.
    It’s not about the subject.I just wanted to write it somewhere.

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    Thank you @Big Blue.

    And what will be the benefits from this? (running 30minutes each day)
    I am already seeing results in the psychological part.
    But what will happen in the body?

    About weight loss, strength, physical fitness, taut muscles?

    Anyone who has experience in daily running/jogging? combined with healthy balanced diets,of course.
    I’m not interested so much for the body results, I have already have mental balance,i’m feeling good 🙂

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    in reply to: When you forgive, but cannot forget #64021

    Most of the time it’s fake happiness.They pretent to be okay but they not.
    Try to stay away from these people…they poison your world 🙂

    in reply to: Having trouble moving on from my last relationship. #64018

    @R check this out!


    read all of the articles you like.
    you might be a better person,more positive thinking etc.
    This was helpful for me.I suggest it to you,too.

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    in reply to: How to motivate myself? #64012

    But I would like to ask sth else,if you don’t mind!
    30 minutes are enough in a daily basis for a beginner?
    I mean almost run, 5.0km/h or 6.
    with an exercise machine.

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    It’s okay @Inky
    I like the way he think ,he spoke to my heart.
    Αnywise,i’m not vegan!

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