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    Dear lk09,

    I’d like to congratulate you on your paper having been accepted at a reputable journal and soon to be published! It’s also very good to hear that you’re looking for PhD programs either abroad or in India. I wish you to find a really good option, one that you like and that motivates you.

    If you go to study abroad, would it give you respite from your parents’ plans to find you a husband? Because it could be an additional benefit πŸ™‚

    I hope your job situation improves soon – either in your current company, or somewhere else, where you’ll have a better opportunity for growth. Perhaps it can help you to think the situation (being underpaid and overworked) is temporary, and it will be resolved in the next few months…

    I want to have a happy life now on, life will always have challenges but I don’t want to be stressed about everything all the time. Some dept. should be peaceful, shouldn’t it?

    Right, you were stressed a lot in your previous relationship, you were trying to save him, and it never works. If one side is trying too much and the other is unwilling, it doesn’t end well. I hope that next time it will be much more balanced, and the other party be equally willing and invested in the relationship, without carrying too much “baggage”.

    It appears you’re feeling good about yourself at the moment, appreciating yourself and not blaming yourself for why it didn’t work out. Am I noticing this right? If so, you’re in a good place, and I am happy for you!



    Hi Anita,

    I will post again in a few days. Currently, i rarely get time to write during weekdays. Stay safe, stay healthy and happy.



    Hi TeaK,

    Yeah, Currently I focus all my energy only on being happy and stress-free. I have been working really hard at work due to the pressure but I am also focusing whatever little time i get before bed in finding a good programme for me.

    Yes, studying further might push the marriage but I don’t want to say that to my parents because they might not let me go if they get to know.

    I hope you are healthy and happy as well. I will write again in a few days. <3

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    Dear lk09,

    by any means, don’t tell your parents that you see postponing marriage as one of the bonuses… They should think you’re motivated only by advancing professionally, in your career πŸ˜‰

    I am very happy to hear you’re feeling happy and taking care of yourself. I am fine, thanks, feeling good as well, happy that the pandemic is lessening and that summer is coming πŸ™‚

    Take care, and looking forward to reading from your more! <3


Viewing 4 posts - 136 through 139 (of 139 total)

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