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Will Jonathan is a Sports Psychologist and Mental Performance Coach who works with professional athletes, helping them to perform to their maximum and fulfill their personal and professional potential. He has a passion for going against the grain and helping people discover the incredible path of personal growth. You can find him at willjonathan.com, Facebook, and Twitter.

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How Getting What You Want Can Sabotage You

You can’t win enough. You can’t have enough money. You can’t succeed enough. The only thing that can satiate that existential thirst is love. I just remember that day I made that shift from wanting to be a winner to wanting to have the most powerful, deep, and beautiful relationships I could possibly have.” ~Will Smith

About a year ago, I made the decision to start seriously working out with weights for the first time in my life. I’ve always been an athlete and in decent shape, but I wanted to test my body and see how much of …