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    Great advice Anita!
    I’m going to try and implement it when I meet new people. They have all seemed sketchy in the last few years.
    I would like to get rid of my cubic zirconium engagement ring that my pretend boyfriend gave me to show new creeps. Assuming they stop looking like creeps. Not that I get approached often, maybe twice in the last decade. The ring is an uncontested decline/explanation. Genius, wouldn’t you say?
    Why aren’t I mass producing these and getting rich? I don’t know…rejection rings.
    BRB, opening a go fund me account. $$$


    Why would I not want you to reply to my post?
    I don’t get it…did the sugar coating fall off of it?

    Doomsday is coming and I need a xanax.

    Random Q: Are you in the healthcare field? I don’t think sarcasm is diagnose-able because it’s always missed.


    Of course you can beat her.

    And if your tactics could be used to play in Vegas, you’d be filthy rich.
    But they can’t and you’d get banned from the establishment.

    Cheaters never prosper, but go ahead and beat me… I quit playing anyway,


    Not that it actually matters but I have to say:

    “To be told as a child “to be a rock” so to help everyone – that is so wrong for the child’s well being.”

    With the provided information, we can’t possibly understand the context of the conversations that this was said to this child.
    I assume you, Anita, know the difference between fact and opinion? Opinions like these are unfair and this is a perfect example of the kind of uninformed conclusions that some people are seeking to draw. Why so quick on the trigger?

    Do you have children? If so, focus your assumptions on them. If not, my apologies as I realize, everything looks easy from your perspective.


    For people who profess to be “evolved” or acting from any place good, you sure know how to hurt people.

    You’re fired.


    Insecure, helpless, and weak are all crappy, put them together and it’s not an enjoyable state of mind.
    Expressing feelings doesn’t sound like a huge step. The pressure you are feeling will cease as soon as you find out about her husband and the 65 pounds she gained after her sex change operation. Not really…but what are you afraid of? Worst case scenario?
    She stalks your life, hurts you for pleasure, ruins your life and your faith in humanity? Rarely happens, but you can’t rule anything out.

    Yep, I agree that you need to flip a switch and get back to zen. Good luck doing that online. These people love fear. Control freaks will use your fear to control you. I’d keep hunting for that complete person that isn’t advertising signs of neediness. Maybe humans do need one another but if you start seeking out the needy women to go all Jerry Maguire with, you are sure to land a fruit loop. Just my opinion.


    Maybe you don’t have a happily ever after in your future because you are on the edge of your seat ready for the inevitable devastation.
    You mention that when a person gets to calm it’s never permanent – do you relish in the constant fear and anxiety of life or is that just my misguided assumption based on your fear inducing posts? Either way, if you were in my home, I would be a chain smoker with a xanax addiction. I hope you are coping well and watching what YOU are eating. Don’t obsess about your weight, needy men mike like a little more padding.



    I like pinkdolphinee’s advice except I think you should definitely add some sex in there…You can call it stress management if you want. Hell, put it in the “exercise to sweat out” category if you want.

    It’s not to channel love or for any long term purpose, so you can make do with whatever attractive option you have available. Be selective where it matters, he doesn’t have to be super bright, actually brightness doesn’t matter at all. He can be a dim wit that you find appealing – and you can totally skip the quality control implementation…Just use protection and you are good to go.

    Have fun! Fingers crossed that your new stress management partner is a little more exciting than the guy pinkdolphinee finds.


    Hi Anita,

    I’m making myself known, as I am all alone on Thanksgiving Eve.
    Don’t get your hopes up though, I won’t be offing myself tonight.

    I actually didn’t know that Thanksgiving Eve is a holiday, let alone the most family oriented holiday of the year. If I had known, I would have taken the day off and started celebrating.

    I’m listening to your radio station and trying to relate…nothing yet.
    I am sure that something will be worth of my time and hint to my intense, frightening, and very difficult future.

    I can’t believe you are alone tonight too! It’s preposterous that someone that is so honest and sweet is choosing loneliness on this important holiday. Maybe your evening walk and rubber necking is really important to you. Perhaps it is the hobby that helped you to be so amazingly compassionate. I thought I saw that in a post once, directed toward yourself. You’re so much like Buddha!

    Stay strong tonight, I need you to keep posting so I can sustain my paranoia about my future. How exciting (hilarious?) it is to confirm that your stories are never distorted. I thought you were legit!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


    so funny when people claim to be close to God and spend their lives judging and shaming people.
    Or my favorite, trying to create worry and fear.
    Didn’t he say “Don’t worry about anything, but pray about everything”?
    And then he sends his “servants” to create worry and fear?
    Doesn’t make sense… God must be a nickname. John Gotti perhaps.
    Gotta go, watching a Dateline special about Organized Crime.


    If you like your job – keep it.
    Go to school and get an education – you”ll need it to support yourself. Independence means that you make your choices, not a domineering dude. Good luck.


    Yes, give up. You are competing for what? Dude sounds like a boy.
    Just stay single until you find one that is available, straight-forward, and not in Mother Theresa’s clique.
    I recommend dating an older guy – and don’t have sex with him so soon.

    “Being too curious and sometimes aggresive” is kind of a funny statement, coming from someone who spoke to her 2 ex-boyfriends about her. Don’t play their games. If she is using other peoples personal lives as a way to obtain personal/professional gains, it’ll catch up…TRUST ME, snowball effects are in full force.

    Focus on yourself.

    P.S. A guy who has sex with you and stops talking to you without being able to articulate where you stand… that is not a “free-spirit.” That is a Jerk.



    You sound so qualified!
    Thank you for all your wonderful advise.
    Such an obviously kind heart!!


    On your own with YOUR 3 kids is a challenge…good luck finding a place.
    Lots and lots of good vibes coming your way.


    Just assume it is and realize it wasn’t later.
    Fall in love hard, for the first time, every time. LOL


    If something “feels off” it usually is, in my opinion.

    Don’t waste too much time in relationships that don’t feel right.
    It’s hard to end things when you haven’t been wronged/ there is nothing particularly wrong in the relationship, but why invest more time into something that doesn’t feel completely right.

    I wish I would have been quicker on the draw when it came to ending relationships. Things feeling “off” are a good sign that it’s not the relationship for you. Learn from it and wish them fair well… Good Luck.


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)