See the Good

See the Good

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Be So Happy…

Be So Happy




Meditation Remixed: Movies, Pop Culture, and Inner Peace

DJ/VJ and Audio Visual Artist Brett Belcastro created an awesome remix video using over 80 scenes from movies and TV shows to entertain and inspire viewers to find peace within their minds. And entertain and inspire it does!

As a huge movie buff, I appreciate how Brett used pop culture to share the power and importance of meditation.

From the Vimeo page:

“The idea for this video remix came to mind about a year ago while I was listening to a guided meditation by the Deepak Chopra. I was so inspired after attending his ‘Seduction of Spirit’ seminar this past April that had decided to create this video.

In April of 2012 I myself had such a ‘spiritual awakening,’ a dramatic shift of perception in my conscious awareness during the 3rd time I had ever mediated, that I just knew I had to share the experience.

Since that moment it has a personal mission of mine to share my new found passion for meditation with this many people as I can.”

It’s my pleasure to help support that mission…enjoy!

Buddha Doodles: Everyday Enlightenment


Create Your Own Sunshine

Create Your Own Sunshine

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Ordinary Things

Ordinary Things

Color Your World with Kindness

This is not only an adorable video with a great message, it’s also for a good cause.

When this video reaches 1,000,000 views on YouTube, The Better Worldians will fund surgeries allowing ten children to walk for the first time.

This campaign is part of their mission to build a caring, positive community of people that work to change the world—the BetterWorldians Community.

Their partner in this “Color with Kindness” campaign, CURE International, is a nonprofit organization that operates hospitals and programs in 29 countries worldwide. They have seen over 2.1 million patients, provided over 150,000 life-changing surgeries, and trained over 6,600 medical professionals.

Watch and share to support the cause!

Life Moves Pretty Fast

Life Moves Pretty Fast

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Buddha Doodles: Transform Suffering

BuddhaDoodles_MollyHahn_Transform Suffering


Dear Self…

Dear Self

Source: Lupytha Hermin

Fireflies: An Inspiring Short Film by The Jubilee Project

Since I have a chronically bleeding heart dripping down my sleeve, it’s not hard to get me teary eyed, but this video by The Jubilee Project really moved me. It’s both a touching short film, and a project with a great cause: building autism awareness.

From the YouTube Page:

“Fireflies” is a simple reminder that we each have beauty and can connect with others in unique ways. It is the passing glance of a stranger, the earnest offering of a flower, and the knowing smile of a shared secret. In “Fireflies,” a young boy and his new autistic friend discover a shared language of their own.

A Little Spark of Kindness

A Little Spark of Kindness

Source: Sweet Little Mz Mia

Create Your Own Tomorrow

Create Your Own Tomorrow


Happy Art: Be Yourself

Be Yourself

Source: Happy Art

You May Have a Super Power You Never Knew You Had

Not sure you have a gift or anything special to offer humanity? After watching this you may have a whole new perspective on how you make a difference.

Buddha Doodles: It’s Okay to Rest


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AJ’s Art Journal: No One Is Truly Mean

No One Is Truly Mean

Source: AJ’s Art Journal

Happy Art: The Happier Among Us

The Happier Among Us

Source: Happy Art

Inspiring Video About What We Can Do: Are You a Hummingbird?

I feel happy just looking at this woman, with her bright yellow attire and joyful face, but it’s her message that compelled me to share this. Watch it and ask yourself: Are you a hummingbird?