AJ’s Art Journal: Concentrate the Mind on the Present



Dharma Comics: Love Is a Puzzle



Perfection: A Short Film About the Pressure to Achieve

We push, and strive, and struggle, and succeed, and then want more of that. More of people approving of us. More of people expecting things from us, and us proving that we can deliver. We consent to play the game, to be our best or die trying. What would happen, though, if we decided to stop playing?

Buddha Doodles: Authentic Interaction


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AJ’s Art Journal: Imperfection Is Beauty



Jujitsuing Reality: Scott Lew Shares His Gift Without Speaking or Moving

He has ALS with severely limited mobility and expression, but screenwriter Scott Lew still does what he loves, creating stories and bringing them to life. He may have lost the use of most his muscles, but he can still access the most powerful one: his heart.

Dharma Comics: Pouring Love Over Everything



AJ’s Art Journal: Unlock Your Cage



Seconds: A Video About the Power of Each Tiny Choice

Each day consists of 86,400 seconds, each one containing countless options, possibilities, and decisions, of which only one can emerge. 86,400 seconds. This is one of them.

Buddha Doodles: Drop the Story


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Dharma Comics: Let Go



Buddha Doodles: Your Full Inbox


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Dharma Comics: Tied to Stuff



The Butterfly Circus: An Inspiring Film about Struggle and Transformation

What do you believe about yourself, how does it keep you stuck, and how high could you fly if you finally let it go? Poignant, beautiful, and moving, this short film brought me to tears. It’s a story that reminds us that anything is possible, if only we believe it.

Buddha Doodles: Reflection of Light


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Dharma Comics: Join the Rebel Army


Inspiring Video from a 93-Year-Old Yoga Master

Sixty-one. That’s how long Porchon Lynch has been teaching yoga. And now in her nineties, she’s still at it, still inspiring others to live healthy, happy lives. If you’ve ever wondered whether you’re too old to get up and make this day count, this short video may change your perception of what’s possible for you.

Buddha Doodles: We Create the World


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Daylight: Fun Music Video To Start the Morning with a Smile

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched this video. It’s impossible to watch this and not smile!

Buddha Doodles: Dance Like Nobody’s Watching


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