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Never Give Up: An Inspiring Transformation

This video has already been viewed more than nine million times since it was posted last year, but I just saw it for the first time today. If you’ve never seen it, I highly recommend taking a few minutes. It will challenge your understanding of what’s possible, in general and for you personally. And if you have seen it, perhaps this is coming at just the right time to inspire you again. It moved me to tears, and action.

AJs Art Journal: The Universe Says



Buddha Doodles: Take a Breath


Source: Buddha Doodles

To Reach the Sun

To Reach the Sun

This is the first artwork I created myself, using magazine letters and pages. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now, since it allows me to combine my love of magazines with my passion for quotes and childlike art. What do you think? Should I make more of these? Feedback is greatly appreciated!

Music and Life, by Alan Watts

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself what it is you’re chasing, and if it will really feel like success when you get there? If you feel like you’re missing everything, take a few minutes to hear what Alan Watts has to say on music and life.

Dharma Comics: Hold Emotions Lightly



Doodle Art Alley: Mistakes Are Proof That You’re Trying

Mistakes Are Proof

Source: Miss Martin’s Classroom via Doodle Art Alley

Buddha Doodles: You Are Not Your Story


Source: Buddha Doodles

Draw My Life: Michelle Phan

She’s a YouTube sensation, with popular make-up tutorials that have received millions of hits. But what I’m most fascinated by is her personal story, and the empowering message she shares in her engaging “Draw My Life” video. We all have a story to tell, and we are part of something beautiful…

AJs Art Journal: Play



Dharma Comics: If This Is the End



Buddha Doodles: You Deserve Downtime


Source: Buddha Doodles

Landfill Harmonic: Beautiful Music Made with Trash and Passion

Most of us know we should open our eyes and appreciate what’s around us, but sometimes it may seem like there’s nothing of value there. That’s when we need to open our eyes further and ask ourselves, “How can I use this to make something beautiful?”

AJ’s Art Journal: Build Your Wings



Buddha Doodles: Every Step Counts


Source: Buddha Doodles

Dharma Comics: Perfect Time



My Shoes: A Short Film About Wanting to Be Someone Else

We are more fortunate than we think. What blessing can you recognize and celebrate today?

AJs Art Journal: Be Audacious


The Truly Important Things

The Truly Important Things