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  • Lost in Darkness

    My life has always been one to question, am I the person I am suppose to be or who others want me to be. At a young I could not understand why the hits kept coming, I was made to starve, made to learn long after school was done, beaten before I did anything so I would learn first what would come. Soon lost and left alone with no place to call home, no family to turn to, friends quickly faded into the distance. Lost in love with one you could not bring home but the only one who showed me kindness, the only one to take me in, the only one to roam the streets with, to be tucked away with. He had a home, a pillow to sleep on but yet he embraced the darkness with me. Lost in love I was blinded, blinded to the truth of the road that was before me. No regrets, only memories that follow me through the ages. The pain I feel deep in my heart, the love that was lost to a higher power, the memories still grow. I can still see him as he quickly fades from my veiw. Time passes an I pick myself up, I start a new but quickly fading back to the darkness from which I came. I am touch by another although part of my heart is with another, my heart will always ache for him. Learning he will never come back I have to move forward, time passes and I grow with another. The darkness follows at every turn, each time I see the light or get close I am quickly pushed back. Over and over I try to climb with my faith at my side, slowly I am taken into the deep to where I can no longer see. I am tired of fighting a battle I can not win, I want to give up, throw in the towel, claim defeat, but something says not to give in. I see the light, I hear his voice, he warns me, he sees me, he tell me to be who I am. Although lost, worn, ready to give in, I am told to keep fighting, and not to give in.

  • Prince Gareth Andrew

    be strong life goes on