I don’t care much for things I can’t take with me after I die. Give me love. Moments. Purpose. Things that’ll settle in the soul.

You are not your feelings. You just experience them. Anger, sadness, hate, depression, fear. This is the rain you walk in. But you don’t become the rain. You know the rain will pass. You walk on. And you remember the soft glow of the sun that will come again.

Your current situation is not your final destination.

New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.

If life feels hard, remember: nothing lasts forever. Someday this will all be behind you. Someday you’ll be smiling again.

Be strong now, because things will get better. It might be stormy now, but it can’t rain forever.

This too shall pass. It may pass like a kidney stone, but it will pass.

Repeat after me: My current situation is not my permanent destination.

Nothing is permanent in this world, not even our troubles.

Like a sandcastle, all is temporary. Build it, tend it, enjoy it. And when the time comes, let it go.

Your face will change. Your body will change. The only kind of beauty that endures is the kind that lives in your heart.

Every situation in life is temporary. So, when life is good, make sure you enjoy and receive it fully. And when life is not so good, remember that it will not last forever and better days are on the way.

Remember sadness is always temporary. This, too, shall pass.

In our lives, change is unavoidable, loss is unavoidable. In the adaptability and ease with which we experience change lies our happiness and freedom.

Emotions are temporary states of mind. Don’t let them permanently destroy you.

Don’t make a permanent decision for your temporary emotion.

You must welcome change as the rule but not your ruler.

Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely.